Short Stories

Stories by Budgie Bigelow hosted on this site or A Million and One Magazine.

Melissa wore the skimpy red prom dress for Jacob seven years ago, but someone else is wearing the white wedding dress for him now.
Two Dresses

She was my white trash vixen, my trailer park Aphrodite, hot as a dumpster fire and twice as dangerous.
White Trash Vixen

Some boys do cry…
Boys Who Cry

Read the interviews of the characters from Budgie’s book Blood Drive:
Interview with Some Vampries

The world may be ending. There’s only one thing that could stop the apoolypse.
Killing Taylor Swift

The prologue to a story that has yet to be written about a boy, a classroom, and some ants.
Ant-Heat: A Love Story – Prologue

Budgie is famous and dating Taylor Swift (in this “fictional” tale of love and loss). She proves to be not be the ideal girlfriend, and Budgie is forced to come to a rash decision: it’s time to dump Taylor Swift. But he finds himself in the situation where he must make her dump him… Can he do it, or will he be stuck with her forever.
Dumping Taylor Swift

All aboard! Santa’s annual train ride is about to begin, and it’s one his guests will never forget.
The Christmas Meat Train

James Sheffield is ushered out of the White House, and he starts his life in the private sector with no money, no family, and no dignity.
Impeached; A presidential comedy

Keith, Dave, and Val are going on a Pokémon hunt, letting their batteries drain to zero as the walk about town. They are soon joined by Natasha and Tyler, and odd pair of fellow hunters. Their trek soon takes them off the beaten path and into dangerous territory.
We Were Promised Pokémon in the Real World

It’s 1983, and Rick has a plan. His plan includes his step-sister, a run from the shower to her bedroom, a Polaroid, and a throbbing teenage erection.
Rick’s Tale; an incredible true story

Kevin is looking for some fast love on a dating app called Mix N’ Match. The app goes after it disagrees with some of Kevin’s prefereances, giving Kevin an experience he didn’t want.
Mix N’ Match

Saul has something to prove to his social media followers, so he takes his warm ham out of the oven, drills a hole in it, and makes the funniest video he Internet will ever see.
The Funniest Guy on the Internet

Doctor Patel Dickpique has a job where he needs to look at the dick pics of guys before they send them to you on Twitter. Lucky him…
Doctor Dickpique