Freedom Lane

Freedom Lane

Freedom Lane is a sitcom about two elderly lesbians, whom adopt a troubled black child named Da’Quarius Lobsterclaw Sherman. Set in New Haven, CT, Freedom Lane follows the lives of new parents Rose & Helen Masters, young Da’Quarius, & Uncle Paulie, a wise pizzeria owner.

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Season 1:
Episode 1: Extended Pilot
Episode 2: Training Day
Episode 3: A Stone’s Throw
Episode 4: Zchool Days
Episode 5: Home of the Dee-Quizzy
Season 1 Finale: Paulie’s Pop

Season 2:
Season 2 Preview
Episode 1: Good Da’Quarius Hunting
Episode 2: Helen Gets Stuck on the Toilet
Episode 3: Constitutional Boulevard
Episode 4: Das Bootleggers
Episode 5: A Trip Down Memory Block A
Season 2 Finale: Da’Quarius has Three Mommies

Special: A Riot of the Heart

Season 3:
Season 3 Preview
Episode 1: Helen VS The Cyber Bully
Episode 2: Jihad Pizza
Episode 3: Debatable Differences
Episode 4: Rose’s Protege
Episode 5: Assault in the Paper Goods Aisle
Season 3 Finale: Lobsterclaw No More

Special: Merry Christmas, Da’Quarius Sherman!

Season 4:
Episode 1: Vintage Rose
Episode 2: The Brothers Garcia
Episode 3: Mrs. Pauliefire
Episode 4: WOMANHUNT
Episode 5: Kim Jong Fun
Season 4 Finale: Father Figger

Special: The Walking Daq

Freedom Lane: One Year Later

Season 5:
Episode 1: The Lieutenant
Episode 2: The Neutering
Episode 3: Pizza After Dark
Episode 4: Father McKraken
Episode 5: At the Movies
Finale: The House That Anal Love Built

Special: Da’Quarius Can’t Breathe

Season 6:
Halloween Special: The Haunting of Freedom Lane
Episode 1: Helen’s Cellmate
Episode 2:Paulie’s Timeshare
Episode 3: Cecil the Cat
Episode 4: Helen’s Dirty, Filthy Box
Episode 5: Clamfest
Finale: Paulie & Tony

2015 90 Minute, 3-part Christmas Special

Season 7:
Episode 1: Lotasha Returns
Episode 2: The Lesbionic Woman
Episode 3: Call Me Quaitlyn
Episode 4: Gourmet Sugar
Episode 5: Orange is the Old White
Season Finale: Straight Outta Freedom Lane

Confinement Road; A Freedom Lane Special

A Very Garcia Brothers Cinco de Mayo special

Season 8:
Episode 1: Decent Proposal
Episode 2: Elderly Fight Club
Episode 3: Da’Quarius Gets Whacked
Episode 4: Hands Only
Episode 5: WOMANHUNTERS: The Sequel to WOMANHUNT
Season 8 Finale: Everything Changes

Special: Freedom Lane UK

Summer’s End Special

Season 9:

Snuffles; a Freedom Lane Special

2016 Election Special

Episode 1: Perverted Justice
Episode 2: Daq’s Leaf Service
Episode 3: RIP Paulie
Episode 4: Helen Jr
Episode 5: Tony vs Tom: Dawn of Suspension
Finale: Gary Coleman Disease

Season 10:
Episode 1: The Sharpest Tool in the Sink
Episode 2: Nuts in the Attic
Episode 3: The Innocence of Snowman Youth
Episode 4:Double Daq Attack
Special: The Search for Kenny Kums
Episode 5: The Plumbing Game
Episode 6: Chico Suave
Season 10 Finale: The Meat Market (When Helen Met Rose)

Season 11:
Episode 1: Daq da’ Police
Episode 2: Brothers in Arms
Episode3: The Red Unicorn Con

Special: A League of Tony’s Own

Episode 4: The Ebonic Plague
Episode 5: Salud (A Freedom Lane tribute to Cheers)
Season Finale: Two Girls One Mower

Season 12
Episode 1: The Bingo Hall Death Pool
Episode 2: The Thing About Chet
Episode 3: Cousin Silvio
Special: Helen Punches a Nazi
Episode 4: The Spectacular Helena
Episode 5: Tony Loses his Left Nut
Finale: Da’Quarius Sees a Gynocologist