Fan Fiction

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Fan Fiction

The battle to end all battles is on. Heathcliff. Garfield. Only one will walk away from the biggest blockbuster fight of 2016.
Heathcliff Vs Garfield: Dawn of Catnip

The Casey & Beans Thrillogy:
Casey Gets Ripped Apart by Killer Groundhogs
Casey’s Brain Gets Transferred into The Body of a Groundhog
Beans Rescues Casey’s Soul from Groundhog Hell

President Trump

Rachel Dolezal leads a team comprised of Walter Palmer, Jared Fogle, and Kim Davis against the terrorist organization the Crimson Syndicate and Ahmed Mohamed aka the sinister Clockboy in “The League of Unimpressive People”.
The League of Unimpressive People

The Elf on the Shelf Gets a Job with the NSA: A New Government Tradition

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Vs. The KKK

Where Are They now? Saved by the Bell edition

Karl Malone and Steven Seagal star along side Brian Bosworth and Hillbilly Jim in this epic, action-packed fan fiction.
Jazz and Legaes: Hard as Fuck Vendetta
Jazz & Legaes Trailer
Jazz and Legaes: Hard as fuck Vendetta

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hans, and Olaf are back in the one true sequel to Frozen:
Frozen 2: Ice Cold Vendetta

Super Smash Bros: First Blood

Spider-Man: STING!
A fan fiction retelling of the origin story of The Scorpion, the feud between J Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man, and the budding of Peter and Gwen’s relationship.
Spider-Man: STING! (complete)

Hulk Hogan Gets a Flu Shot

X-Men: A Cabin in Alaska

Liam Neeson as Alex Trebek in ‘Final Jeopardy’. Based on the amazing true story.

Mad Men: Fly Me to the Moon (Complete and Unabridged)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Lost Epilogue