The Battle for New Millennium (Book 2)
In the long awaited sequel to New Millennium, Jonah, Killian, Rock, Gabriel, and the rest of The Post are back to defend the City of New Millennium from the evil forces of Hell. But things are different this time around. Who is the mysterious woman, Tsu-Kata, who descends from the sky? Who is Jackson Girard, and how does he fit into the puzzle of New Millennium? What plans does the sadistic demoness, Kasayda Kiz have in store?
The Battle for New Millennium (complete)

The Innocent 
Xander Zane enters Havenville Penitentiary where nothing is what it seems (not even himself). Can he band together with the inmates to overthrow the evil Warden Greene?
The Innocent (complete)

Roland Hawthorne
Roland Hawthorne is a hard-boild detective in the city of Bridgetown. When a terrorist stirs trouble up, it’s up to Roland to find out how to stop him, but how does he fit into Roland’s past?
Roland Hawthorne (complete)

New Millennium (Book 1)
It’s 500 years since the Apocalypse was stopped, and evil is creeping back into the world. Can one man find the strength and courage and summon those who would fight evil to stop it from happening again? Can those that gather around him aid him in his quest to vanquish evil?
New Millennium (complete)