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The Bulge – Friendship is Magic, Bitch; Budgie Reviews My Little Pony the Movie

Welcome back to The Bulge, my pop culture forum I now write twice a year or so. Today, I’ll be reviewing My Little Pony the Movie for your reading enjoyment. I know little of these ponies of miniature stature, only that they’re friendly as shit and that’s apparently magic. 

The movie starts with around fourteen hours of toy and cartoon commercials, letting your kids know what to cry for as you drive past Toys R Us on the way home. Once you’ve sat through that, you get a bunch of previews for regurgitated garbage companies like Dreamworks and Disney want to shove down your kids’ throats for another seven or eight hours. Then, finally, you get to see the movie based on the TV show based on the old TV show based on the toys. Probably. I don’t know how that chain actually goes because I watched stuff like He-Man.

The movie starts off exactly how a My Little Pony movie would: with a friendship party. Hooray! But is it really a cause for hoorays? Before the party can even kick off, Equestria (no shit, that’s what their kingdom is called) is attacked by an evil pony and a bunch of ape-creatures or something. I don’t know. It wasn’t really explained well or I wasn’t paying much attention. Sooner, rather than later, the pony body-count is in the hundreds as pony after pony is slaughtered at the hands of these blood-thirsty beasts. Legs were ripped from torsos, ponies were bludgeoned to death with their own appendages, heads were ripped from bodies, and ponies were dying in droves in pools of their own blood and feces. Most were killed, but the six ponies on which this pastel-colored snuff film focuses escape the culling.

It was at this point when I decided this movie wasn’t for kids. It was so inconsistent! The title would lead you to believe this movie was about ponies, but there were also unicorns and pegasuses (pegasi?). I don’t know about the other parents in the theater, but I sure as hell don’t want my kid to learn to be as vague as the makers of this movie. For shame, Hollywood. First Harvey Weinstein, and now this! For shame.

So the six ponies (I think it’s six anyway) leave their plush home in search of the one person who can help them vanquish their villain, the Storm King, whose only motivation is to gain the princess unicorns’ (not ponies!) power for…. reasons! He’s already seemed to have taken control of the rest of the world, so I fail to see why he even needs it. The only place that’s unaffected by his reign of terror is Equestria, and he just had his evil pony take it for him, utterly and completely, in a matter of minutes. How did these ponies live so peacefully, throwing lavish fucking friendship parties, when the world is falling apart around them, their enemies completely surrounding them? Oh… I just got the symbolism. They’re average Americans! The political rants in this movie make so much more sense now that I realize that!

The plot progresses, even if this review doesn’t. The ponies (I’ll just say “ponies” to save the time of typing out all the different kind of horse-like creatures who are on this adventure) come to what I can only assume is the village from Aladdin. This is where a slick-talking, celebrity-voiced feline (a cat) talks them into coming to his house, easing them into the sex trade business. The cages are all set to take them to forced harems of some oil barons from the Middle East when they make a narrow escape, heading toward the next leg of their adventure.

The part with the parrot pirates in the airship was actually really cute. I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed that part, corny as it was. I would have much rather heard the story of how the parrots stopped being pirates, became enslaved to the Storm King, and then became pirates again after the ponies sung songs about friendship and shit. Actually, skip that last part and just give me a movie about pirate parrots, dammit!

But then the most awkward part of the movie came when my daughter leaned over to me and said; “I know why they call that pony Pinky Pie.”

I know why they call her Pinky Pie! I had a whole discussion on bronies and cloppers at work (I suggest you google those two terms before you continue, because I’m not getting into it), and I understand why that particular pony would be called “Pinky Pie”. I just didn’t think the other kids around us wanted to hear my seven year old daughter talk about a cartoon pony’s vagina. I was so embarrassed I almost left the theater.

Since I hadn’t left, I was able to see the next part of the movie, wherein the ponies swim in a bunch of toxic waste and grow gills and fins, allowing them to travel underwater. Them some other stuff happens… bla bla bla. They argue… bla bla bla… There’s a big lesbian pony orgy at this point, but I figured that’s just fan service for the cloppers. They’re the real heroes here. Finally, there’s a big finale where they save the day because of friendship or some shit.

There was also a twenty minute political rant that was crowbarred in before climax, where Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash make some really nasty comments about President Trump and the current United States government in general. I’m not saying I disagree, but “cleanse the White House with fire and blood” is a little much for a movie aimed to sell toys to kids.

So Equestria is saved, their enemy’s head is hewn from his shoulders, and everyone is happy and dancing like a bunch of acid-tripping hippy bastards, those who survived the whole ordeal anyway. There’s like fifteen ponies left out of the two hundred or so that opened the move, so the casualties were heavy. May the fallen Rest In Peace, frolicking in the green grass of Pony Heaven if whatever religion they practice believes in such a place. I saw no pony praying during the course of this entire movie, so I’m assuming they’re godless atheists. If I’m right, may they all enjoy the eternal blackness that awaits all who don’t believe in an afterlife, forsaking eternal happiness for the afterlife of a burnt out lightbulb.

All in all, I give My Little Pony the Movie a C-. It would have been a solid C, but I’m feeling like a dick about it. Hell, it was still better than The Emoji Movie.

-Budgie Bigelow


The Bulge: Budgie Didn’t See Any Summer Blockbusters

The Bulge:
Budgie Didn’t See Any Summer Blockbusters
Welcome to The Bulge. It’s been a while since I’ve done one, so I figured I’d get you up to speed on what The Bulge is. The Bulge is a pop culture column I used to write until the website I wrote it for was retooled and turned into a hub for doing nothing but advertising podcasts and reprinting news from other sites until it sank, having let its only real columnist go off into the sunset.
Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the Summer of Blockbusters that Budgie never saw.
I’m starting with Captain America: Civil War, because that’s where this summer kicked off for me. It’s also the only “blockbuster” I’ve seen. Does anyone even use that term anymore, or am I dating myself here? Anyway, longtime fans of mine will remember a while back, when I did a Bulge piece on Marvel over-inflating its cinematic universe, focusing on how much they planned to shove into this one movie. Nothing could have been further from the truth.
What I got surprised me, pleasantly. I got the Captain America sequel I wanted. I got the Avengers all up in there (most of them anyway). I got Spider-Man returning to the big screen. I got a seventeen minute all-out superhero brawl that may never be topped in cinematic history again.
This, dear readers, busted my block. Hard.
But the summer went on. 
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t come out in the summer at all. It came out back in March. Yes. I do remember hearing about this. I’m only listing here because I thought it was slated for a summer blockbuster, and I thought it came out after Civil War. Why did they do that? Did they fear going up against another Marvel juggernaut of a movie, or did they want to put more space between this and Suicide Squad?
Dawn of Justice gave no justice to the characters or source material. I know that, and I didn’t even see it. I’m a huge Batman fan, and nothing could motivate me to get my ass to the theater for this. This was all build-up and Justice League padding, leading up to the actual battle that lasted less than half as long as the super-awesome brawl in Civil War. Hell, I didn’t even care that Wonder Woman showed up in the end, and I don’t know anyone who did.
A huge part of the reason I skipped this is because of the long preview. It basically showed the entire movie in two minutes, and it went exactly how I would’ve predicted. Batman is grumpy, Superman is doing Superman stuff, and it’s making Batman grumpier, some talking happens, then they fight real quick, then they’re teaming up to battle a common enemy, then Wonder Woman is there, then the end.
The only thing this movie accomplished was getting nerds pissy at critics, fighting over what could’ve been described as a disappointing comic movie abortion near the level of Spawn. I saw what’s coming up for DC and Warner Brothers, and it looks to get more messy from here. Good luck trying to get me to give a fuck about Aquaman without Vinny Chase, you ding-dongs, and I barely liked Entourage! 
My recommendation: Get yourself a copy of the animated Dark Knight Returns one and two. The Batman v Superman fight in that is worth watching, and the story around it is compelling. Thank you again, Frank Miller!
X-men: Apocalypse followed Civil War (but not Dawn of Justice, because Warner Brothers miscarried that back in March, remember?). Again, I didn’t see this movie this summer.
I have a history of disliking any X-Men related movie that comes out, with one exception: Deadpool. Apocalypse was not another exception to my rule. The trailer didn’t do anything for me, and I snoozed on this one. I’ll say what I always say about these Fox-made movies: they just want to toss a bunch of random X-Men into a poorly written plot, because that formula has miraculously put asses into the seats time after time. There are so many great stories from the comics, but they’re satisfied paying writers to piss out script after script after script. 
Fuck Wolverine too. I don’t even give a fuck that he shows up in this one, like so much Wonder Woman in some other film adaptation of a superhero abortion. I said it. Come at me.
At least the Fantastic Four movies seem to have died.
The next is the first kids movie on my list. I think it’s a kids movie at least. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows burst forth this summer too. The kid in my got excited, seeing Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady being advertised. The skeptical asshole in me kicked that kid in the nads, reminding him of the last TMNT movie. You serious, you little shit?! I remember that movie. Aside from that one scene where they were going down the mountain, that movie sucked. Isn’t this the studio that churned out all those shitty Transformers movies too?!
Fuck it. Maybe I’ll check that one out on video.
Warcraft came out this summer too. That is all.
The next movie on the seemingly never-ending list is Finding Dory, the sequel nobody asked for. I have a theory on how this one came to be.
“Holy shit am I hungover,” Disney exec number one said.
“How much blow did we do?” Disney exec number two asked, picking his head up from their conference room table.
“Enough,” number one said, remembering snorting coke off an eleven year old’s boner. “I can’t believe I sucked your jaggon.”
“Oh my god,” number two said. “We did suck each other’s jaggons last night!”
“We need to pitch our summer hit for twenty-sixteen today,” number one said, “and I don’t have anything.”
“Me neither,” number two said. “Just have Pixar do another sequel. How about Finding Nemo 2.”
“Didn’t they find Nemo though?” Number one asked.
“So?” Number two said. “The nerd writers can figure out the logistics of it. Let’s get this pitch over with.”
Disney’s magic never ceases to amaze.
Independence Day: Resurgence followed, bringing the sequel I would’ve died to see nineteen years ago. This looked so bad that Will Smith couldn’t be bothered to appear it it, and it seems he rarely says no to a bad script, especially if he can jam his kid into it.
The BFG or “The Big Fuckin Giant” was the next kids movie that came out. It’s about a giant who’s way too old to be hanging out with a little girl. The Big Fuckin Pedophile would’ve likely been a better title, am I’m definitely not taking my kid to see that. I don’t care if he was mentally challenged! It’s still creepy!
Tarzan soon followed, but Budgie didn’t. Unless they’re building up to a Tarzan vs King Kong movie, I’m not interested.
Edit: I recently read the mashup will be Godzilla vs King Kong. Now that I can get behind. 
Ghostbusters, formally titled “Girl Ghostbusters”, proved that you can reboot something despite repeatedly being told it doesn’t need rebooting. I thought this sounded like a fun idea back when it was a sequel, taking place thirty or so years after the original, but it lost its luster when I heard it was a complete remake.
Picture Bridesmaids with ghost busting and no diarrhea jokes, and that’s how this movie was billed. I was really turned off when social media went full tilt, making anyone who didn’t want to see it out to be anti-feminist. It really got out of hand when Leslie Jones, the new black Ghostbuster, used her beef with Twitter trolls to further use negative publicity to keep people talking about this unpolished turd of a reboot.
It was a low brow way to hype a movie, and it’s the main reason I skipped this one. Maybe I’ll watch it when it’s on basic cable, nestled between reruns of Big Bang Theory. Then I’ll see how anti-feminist it was to skip while in theaters.
I liked the first two Star Trek movies helmed by JJ Abrams, but he skipped out on this franchise to get nipple-deep in Star Wars, so I skipped out too. They got the Fast and Furious director, and it seemed nobody was really interested in the third installment much like any of the last five Fast and Furious movies,but they seem to keep popping out those brown nuggets. Hell, they’re even getting a ride at Universal Studios! What movie was I talking about again?
I’ll end this summer how I started it: with a DC comics adaptation by Warner Brothers. Suicide Squad was the final movie of the summer I skipped. It was also the one I was most looking forward to, aside from Civil War. I was primed up for this movie, but I decided to stay home and wait for it to become available through other means.
The hype-machine versus fan reaction is what killed my interest in Suicide Squad. This seems like one of those movies that can be really great with an ‘R’ rating and a well-written script (like Spawn should’ve had). What the previews made it look like was a fast-paced romp full of quips and catch phrases with nothing more compelling than the quirkiness of Harley Quinn.
Don’t get me wrong, I still want to see it. I just don’t think wasting a trip to a theater is in order for it.
Well, that wraps up this look at all these movies I haven’t seen this summer. I’ll see you in the theaters soon, but not until Doctor Strange is out.


I saw Dawn of Justice between writing and posting this piece, and it was actually decent aside from Batman going on multiple murder sprees and the whole “Martha” nonsense. Also, I was still indifferent to Wonder Woman and Warner Brothers’ attempt at recreating the Avengers. Otherwise, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

The Bulge: Super Budgie Maker

It’s been a month (almost) since Super Mario Maker was released and sent directly to my door for my enjoyment (fuck hanging out at the video games stores with those dweebs). I’ve never done a full-on video game review for The Bulge (since being a husband, father, and published author takes most of my video game time away), but I’ve played this one obsessively since the day it arrived. I’ve also read the scathing review in the Washington Post (I will not give the writer’s name or give him credit here). You know the one… The guy that thinks he’s better than everyone else, because their Mario levels were so shitty and he has an outlet to register his disgust on a bigger scale than the average video game blogger. I’ve decided to give my own take on the game and the online content, so (in the words of Mario); HERE WE GO!

**Take note, Washington Post**

I’ll skip the mechanics of making a Mario level… Everyone else who’s already posted a review has done that. It’s easy. My five year old can do it with minimal training and no tutorial. This shouldn’t be the hard part, though. The hard part is putting an enjoyable level together.

As a published author (don’t bother holding your applause), I have a certain amount of creative thought process at my disposal. Sure, I can make any level hard by tossing a bunch of enemies or large pits, but I’d rather make one that unfolds as you play it. There’s not enough in there to tell a full story via a Super Mario Level (as I heard some egomaniacs say… Can you believe those egomaniacs?!), but there is enough to make a level that’s both challenging and fun to play through.

Mario starts his walk under the serene blue sky. A Goombah walks towards him, malice in his heart and ill intent on his mind. Mario has no choice. He leaps in the air, aiming his size twelve and a half work boots towards the earth, and smashes the Goombah into a bloody pancake. He thinks he is in the clear, but as he leaps over a green pipe, he sees the landscape ahead of him. Koopa Troopas walking back and forth and Piraña Plants popping out of pipes, ready to bite his nether regions. He thinks back to a time where he was a simple plumber, but those days are sadly in the past. There is only one thing that concerns Mario now: Being super and smashing the ever-living fuck out of Bowser’s ass.

Now that’s the setup for a fucking Mario level!

My daughter and wife are also an accomplished Mario Makers as well. My daughter creates out of pure sadism, challenging me to beat her impossibly hard levels. One minute I’m on an airship, and the next I’m underwater, battling a Bowser with wings. It’s bad enough that Bowser is underwater, but why does he have wing?! You’re a twisted little girl!!!

My wife’s Super Mario sadism is much more precise. She’ll give you a sense of security before sending you down a pipe without any hope of escaping her torturous maze of hellish terror on the other side. The only reason I can beat the level of hers I posted is because I saw her make it. I know where the pipe is that leads to the end!

Now on to the blooper reel that is the menagerie of uploaded levels on the Mario server…

I will agree with that Washington Post douche (the one who overuses the word “antithesis”) on the amount of bad levels uploaded into Nintendo’s servers, though. There’s countless Rude Goldberg-esque “Don’t Touch Anything” levels, where a trampoline is fired at Mario, bouncing him around the screen like loose change in Michael J Fox’s pocket. I swear I got three of these the other day in the 100 Mario Challenge.

There’s also those levels where there’s piles upon piles of bad guys. One of the features of Mario Maker lets you make one bad guy piggy back on top of another. Imaging a Goombah riding atop a Hammer Brother! OK… That’s not too horrifying, but you get my point. I actually saw a Hammer Brother riding a giant Koopa Troopa like a horse the other day. Now that looked cool. What I’m talking about is something like twenty enemies, all piled upon each other and bumping around like the world’s most overcrowded Koopa-esque orgy, making it virtually impossible to pass without dying the most horrible of deaths.

There’s also the insanely difficult. Some makers will put the word “hard” on their description, so you know what you’re getting into. Making an impossibly hard level isn’t a bad thing if you’re looking for the most hardcore of players to take on your course. I’m a medium-core kind of guy, so something with a large fun-factor appeals to me more than flailing about over lava or spikes, wondering when my body would be burned to death like the time my pop tarts got stuck in the toaster.

Also, fuck water levels! There, I said it.

To ensure you play some of the levels listed above against your will; Nintendo created the aforementioned “100 Mario Challenge”, where you have one hundred lives to finish sixteen randomly chosen levels. You do have the option to skip a level if it’s annoyingly hard or you’re just not feeling it, though. You just won’t get any wasted lives back (not even your own… OH!). The game does make the maker complete their own level before posting it, so every level is actually beatable. 

Nintendo did actually put in a limiter on posting levels if you totally suck. You can only post ten levels until you earn fifty stars. Once you hit fifty, you can post up to twenty levels. I’m assuming this number keeps moving. I just hit fifty stars with my ten levels, so I’ve upgraded to being able to post ten more. Maybe I can post thirty levels at a hundred stars. Oh, the places I’ll go!

There are ways around the level limit (like anything). Just find five friends who have it, post ten levels, and have them star each one. Bam! You get fifty stars, but you take the fun out of trying to make decent levels, you troll fucks. You can also delete your old levels, keeping the stars earned from said level. This would take longer, but you’ll be able to keep creating and posting. I was able to get this with my ten levels (one is my wife’s and one is my daughter’s), without trolling Nintendo or their online community to do so. Yay me.

So what’s your best bet to have an enjoyable experience playing Mario Maker and not just making? If I have to tell you, you’re an idiot. Take to the internet, dorks! Post your creation on Twitter, and hashtag that bitch up. Join a Mario Maker community or two. There’s plenty out there already.

OK… Now I have to plug the community I joined ( Not because I have to, but because I’ve actually had a great time playing the levels posted, and they’ve enjoyed mine (so they say). You can pick and choose what you play (rather than the random dumpings of the 100 Mario Challenge), you can star those people from the site, and you can reply directly on the site so others can see what you thought (rather than leaving those sometime annoying in-level messages). I’ve had a ton of fun with these levels, and they’re good people.                                          

I’ll post a link to my levels from if you have Mario Maker, and you’re interested in playing them (I recommend my toilet-themed level called “Go Flush Yourself!”).

Click here to view Budgie’s levels on

The Bulge: Immortan Joe Reviews Pop Music

Budgie Bigelow sits in a directors chair, facing the camera. The scene goes from black as the lights are turned up. “Hello,” he says. “Welcome to a very special edition of The Bulge by me, Budgie Bigelow; published author and pop culture expert. Today I have a very special guest: The villian from Mad Max: Fury Road, Immortan Joe. Thanks for being here, Joe.”

“It’s a pleasure to be here, Budgie,” Immortan Joe says in his raspy voice. His skin is white and dry, and his long hair is the same. His gas mask is jeweled with human teeth on the front, and the back of his breathing apparatus rises and falls like an accordion.

“Your new movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, is out on Blu-Ray right now,” Budgie Bigelow says. “But I’d like to do something different than normal today. I heard you’re an aficionado of pop music.”

“That I am,” Immortan Joe replies.

“I wonder if you’d be interested in rating a few recent chart-toppers today,” Budgie says.

“I would love to!” Immortan Joe replies.

“Alright,” Budgie says, shifting in his seat and pulling some light-blue cards from his pocket. “Our first song is by Meghan Trainor, and it’s called; Lips Are Movin’.”

“I know you lie
Cuz your lips are moving
Tell me do you think I’m dumb?
I might be young, but I ain’t stupid
Talking around in circles with your tongue
I gave you bass, You gave me sweet talk
Saying how I’m your number one
But I know you lie
Cuz your lips are moving
Baby don’t you know I’m done” 

“MEDIOCRE!” Immortan Joe shouts through this gas mask, loud enough to make Budgie jump.

“Agreed,” Budgie says. “Did you like her previous hit: All About The Bass?”

“Another fat girl anthem,” Immortan Joe says. “I googled her body. She’s not really fat-fat, but her body is still… MEDIOCRE!”

“Agreed again,” Budgie says. “Do you want to do another?”

“Sure,” Immotan Joe replies. “This is fun.”

“Alright,” Budgie says. “Up next, we have ‘Love Me Like You Do’ by Ellie Goulding.”

♪ “So love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do
Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do
Touch me like you do, to-to-touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?”

“MEDIOCRE!” Immortan Joe exclaims.

“Care to elaborate?” Budgie asks.

“I do not feel that I need to,” Immortan Joe replies.

“OK,” Budgie says, tossing the card aside. “This one has been has been extremely popular. ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift.”

♪ “‘Cuz, baby, now we got bad blood
You know it used to be mad love
So take a look what you’ve do-one
‘Cause, baby, now we got bad blood

“MEDIOCRE!” Immortan Joe shouts. “I should disembowel you for making me listen to that talentless harpie.”

“How about I change things up a bit?” Budgie says, visibly frightened. “Here’s ‘Renegades’ by X Ambassadors.”

♪ “And I say
Hey, hey hey hey
Living like we’re renegades
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Living like we’re renegades
Renegades, renegades”

Immortan Joe sighs. “Another lackluster alternative band?” he says, rolling his eyes. “MEDIOCRE!”

“We’re going through these quick now,” Budgie says. “Here’s Andy Grammer with ‘Honey I’m Good’.”

♪ “Nah nah, honey I’m good – ” ♪

“MEDIOCRE!” Immortan Joe shouts.

“Don’t you want to hear the entire clip?” Budgie asks.

“I said… MEDIOCRE!” Immortan Joe exclaims. “Don’t you dare play another millisecond of that.”

“We only have a couple more here,” Budgie says. “Here’s another alterna-pop hit. ‘Shut Up and Dance’ by the band, Walk The Moon.”

“Oh don’t you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me.
I said you’re holding back,
She said shut up and dance with me!
This woman is my destiny
She said oh oh oh
Shut up and dance with me”

“This one is actually quite catchy,” Immortan Joe says. “But after the hundredth time I heard it during a two hour car trip it became…. MEDIOCRE!”

“Last one, Joe,” Budgie says. “It’s Demi Lavato with ‘Cool For The Summer’.”

♪ “Don’t tell your mother
Kiss one another
Die for each other
We’re cool for the summer

Ooh, ooh

Take me down into your paradise
Don’t be scared ’cause I’m your body ty-ype
Just something that we wanna try
‘Cuz you and I
We’re cool for the summer
We’re cool for the summer
We’re cool for the summer” ♪

Immortan Joe sighs, loud enough to be heard through his mask. “Another borderline bisexual song, trying to gain popularity this way instead of writing something worth writing,” he said. “Like ‘I Kissed a Girl’ by Katy Perry, I find this pandering hot-mess of a song…. MEDIOCRE!”

“There you have it,” Budgie says. “Thank you so much for joining us, Joe.”

“You are most welcome, Budgie,” Immortan Joe says. “I would love to do it again.”

“I’d love to have you back to get your take on all the new television shows coming out this fall,” Budgie says.

“Sure,” Immortan Joe says. “That can easily be arranged.”

“By the way,” Budgie says. “What do you think of this installment of The Bulge?”


The Bulge: Budgie’s Disney Rant

I don’t remember exactly why, but I’m pissed off at Disney. Again. I used to just have an indifference with a small twang of disdain, but it has turned to straight up anger as of late. Maybe my foray into fatherhood with a woman who is a fan of Disney set me on this collision course with the evil empire that spawned from a cartoon mouse had something to do with it. Maybe I’m just an asshole. Maybe both.

So let me go back… Not too far back (otherwise I’ll be typing this forever). I’ll go as far back as Frozen. Those of you who follow my non-writing account on Twitter (@Buzzquotes) probably know how much I hated Frozen. Those of you who have followed my writing know that I took the liberty of writing them a decent sequel (which they have yet to thank me for, by the way). The reason I did this for them, is because they fucked up the writing of the first one. The only reason this movie made any kind of money is because kids might just be getting dumber (mine being the exception). The only reason Frozen won an Oscar is because the Oscars are fixed, and Disney needed it.

Frozen 2: Ice Cold Vendetta

I’ll come back to Frozen. I’ll probably jump around a bunch of times, so let me make the leap to Big Hero 6. I was excited when this one came out. I really was. It was Disney’s first animated film based on a Marvel comic (since Disney now owns Marvel comics). I don’t mind that it didn’t follow the comic series (I’ve read the comics, and it is not really kid-friendly), but calling what Disney did an abortion would be an insult to abortion enthusiasts. I’ve ranted about this movie before in a post I called “Big Zero 6”, so I’ll keep this rant brief. They took the characters and made them all family friendly (which again, I don’t mind), but they changed their personalities and personas so much that I don’t even know why they used the name “Big Hero 6”. There was almost nothing about the comic in this movie other than character’s names. They even turned one character from Asian to black, because you can’t have an ensemble film without a black character in America. Why even… .Fuck… I can’t even finish this.

Let me add one thing here before I continue. Big Hero 6 wasn’t all that great of a comic to begin with. It came out when Marvel was trying to do a Mangaverse, cashing in on the recent trend of manga (Japanese comics) and anime. Of all the Marvel titles to turn into an animated movie, they could have picked better. Even Pet Avengers would have made a better choice!

Also, Big Hero 6 might be the most predictable movie of all time. As soon as Professor Whats-His-Nuts makes his first appearance I said (out loud in a movie theater full of kids) “He’s the bad guy.”. Also, I predicted by the trailer that they would tease the death of the fucking robot, make me cry, and then bring him back to life in true Disney fashion. Sometimes I wish Disney would pull the trigger on a major character death like good ol’ days of Bambi’s mother.

The Bulge: Big Zero 6

Let me leap forward now to Inside Out, the latest Disney Pixar movie to hit theaters. What the shit are you thinking, Pixar?! I read a rumor online that said you’re just basically waiting out your contract with Disney and saving the good stuff for when you’re on your own, but that was way too long ago it still be accurate. You had to have decided to stay under the Disney banner, and you’re still plopping out little shit-nuggets like this.

Let me give some credit to Pixar where it’s due. Some of the very few Disney animated movies I liked came from them. The Incredibles was both well written and enjoyable. Cars was surprisingly not shit, and Cars 2 was even move surprisingly not shit. Monsters Inc (the first one) and those Toy Story movies were pretty good too. Wreck-It Ralph was downright phenomenal (although I’m not so sure that was Pixar). I didn’t mind sitting through those with my daughter.

But what the crap were you thinking with this one, Pixar? What. The. Crap.

First of all, I think I’m in a minority (with Harbingerr) of people that still remember a sitcom called “Herman’s Head” from the nineties. For those of you who aren’t, Herman’s Head was a sitcom about some dude and the people that lived in his head and controlled an emotion respectively. In other words, Inside Out for grown ups that came out twenty years before Inside Out. Also, where was the Lust character in the adults? If you’re going to rip off Herman’s Head; do it all the way. He was the funniest one on that sitcom.

Here’s the thing that ultimately bored me with Inside Out. There’s no conflict. Sure, there’s Joy and Sadness’ quest to get their host back on the right track by returning her core memories with different viewpoints on what said host needs, but the only conflict they share is how to accomplish their common goal.

The writers missed the golden opportunity here to turn Anger (brilliantly voiced by Lewis Black) into a complete evil flaming piece of subhuman garbage. It looked like they started him down that road when they had him taking over the proverbial driver seat of this little girl’s psyche, having her make all the wrong decisions that would have likely ended her up being human trafficked and sold into the seedy world of underage prostitution. Anger is evil, and Disney glossed over this by making him remorseful for his actions. Was he named Remorse? NO! He was fucking Anger! They didn’t have a Remorse character! Remorse is something Disney knows nothing about.

Also, why was Anger constantly punching Fear and not Disgust after Joy and Sadness got lost? Is it because Disgust is a woman? I doubt Anger would differentiate between male and female when he wants someone to punch. I guess Disney is saying that females aren’t worth a punch in the puss. Another loss for feminism over here, ladies. Pack up your tampons and head into another theater.

So why was Anger written like this? I think the writers at Pixar (who are usually better than the ones who write the usual Disney princess nonsense they churn out like Korean Reebok-bootleggers) originally had him turning evil (which is why you see the seeds of it), but Disney came in with their rewrite. No kid would order his pussy-ass parents to buy him the red guy plush toy from Inside Out if he turned bad in the end. That would mean parents would only have to buy the other four for their screaming brats, and Disney would be out $14.99 per kid. Oh the horror!

Why I’m on the topic of Disney making rewrites, I’m starting to get the impression that Frozen met the same fate. Let me circle back to that icy turd for a moment. It seemed to me that the first third of the movie sets up Elsa as the villain of the piece, but Disney couldn’t have that. Anna had little to no personality (my own daughter has told me that she dislikes Anna because she has no powers and all she could do is wear clothes), so they couldn’t make Elsa the bad guy (even though she had all the workings of a comic book super-villain). So what did Disney do? They threw a heel turn in there for good ol’ Hans. That movie would have been twenty-five minutes long if Hans didn’t make that stupid turn anyway. They needed it. No wonder it took them seventy-five years to push this log out.

Here’s another gripe. What the fuck is up with all the heel turns?! Also, please Google wresting terminology if you do not know what I am referring to with “heel turn”, because I don’t feel like explaining it. Prince Hans in Frozen, Professor Robo-Jerk in Big Hero Six, and King Father-of-the-Year in Maleficent to name the ones in recent memory. Disney isn’t the only one guilty of this one. Just about every movie does it now, and you can almost spot it right after the opening credits in most of them. Why can’t we be treated to a straight forward good guy vs. bad guy movie without throwing the same wrench in there time after time after time after fucking time. I just watched Mad Max: Fury Road, and I was ecstatic with the fact that it was a straight forward as they come. I’ve said it before, but a twist isn’t a twist if you do it every fucking time, Disney. It’s just part of your yawn-inducing formula to make visual diarrhea.

So what’s there to look forward to with Disney? More shit movies based on rides? More of Pixar rehashing their old ideas to keep the gravy train running? So many princesses and talking animals that you start to wonder if Disney even knows what ‘pandering’ means anymore?

Look, I’m not saying Disney will ever be put out of my misery, but the animated movies Dreamworks have been putting out make Disney’s animated movies look like that shit on Netflix you never heard of that your daughter makes you watch when it’s raining out and you can’t go to the park. The Shrek movies were great (except Shrek the Third), and Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 are among my favorite cartoons ever. How to Train Your Dragon was awesome, and the second one blew it the fuck away. I didn’t think I’d like Home either, but I thoroughly enjoy that mother fucker. Even that racing snail movie was decent. Dreamworks should have Disney sucking its CGI animated balls right now!

If I had to make one point out if this entire hot mess of a blog post, it’s that the writing just isn’t there at Disney any more. Those straight-to-DVD Tinker Bell movies are better written than anything they’ve released to theaters lately. They need to stop being concerned about quantity over quality. In other words; They should be writing with the goal for putting out something they can be proud of rather than something that will sell happy meal figurines and plush dolls.

OK. I have to conclude this thing or I’ll be ranting forever, so here it goes… Disney needs some new blood, and Budgie Bigelow is ready to step up. I don’t do deadlines and don’t take to having my stories changed in order to sell toys. Also, I refuse to let up on the violence and sex. Hit me up, fuckers.

The Over-Inflated Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Bulge: Is Marvel’s Over-Inflated Cinematic Universe

Something has been nagging at me as of late. I’ve been a fan of Marvel comics since I was a teenage, blossoming into his perpetual virginity. Having all of these movies from Marvel is a dream come true, and I have enjoyed them immensely thus far (except for most of the crap churned out by Fox, you bastards). What’s been eat at me is the fear that Marvel is letting their cinematic universe turn into a juggernaut that they soon won’t be able to stop (because nothing can stop the juggernaut). I’ve seen it before (especially in comics). A good idea comes along, and a spitball turns into an avalanche.

What follows is a list of news and rumors (a lot of which I have read very recently). I don’t know if the rumors are true, speculation, or utter bullshit, but I am using them as examples anyway. If you want to debate me, then debate me. I’m always up for it…

I am going to move into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) post Age of Ultron. I won’t spoil the movie, but I am going to talk about what’s coming. First off, Joss Whedon will no longer be writer / director of the Avengers movie. The 2-Part Infinity War movies (set for 2018 and 2019 respectively), will be written by the Russo Brothers, who have helmed the Captain America movies. Why did Joss decide not to do the movies? Nobody really knows but him and Marvel, but I can guess.

Weeks ago, I read an article about Marvel and Whedon becoming upset at each other because Whedon would not allow Agent Coulson (who died in the first Avengers movie and came back to life to be part of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) to be part of Age of Ultron. Whedon’s thinking (and I agree) was that Coulson’s death was a big part of the first movie. Hell, they needed something to avenge (you know that as going to be his last word!). Marvel wants as many tie ins as possible, and that includes from the Marvel Television Universe (MTU) as well. Whedon saw what was coming down the pike, and decided to jump ship with two stellar movies under his belt.

The next movie in the MCU will be Ant Man. What happened to Edgar Wright, director of those Simon Pegg / Nick Frost movies from Engalnd? Wright parted ways with Marvel due to script changes in Ant Man. It seems that they want the movie to fall in line with the rest of the MCU movies (even if Ant Man looks to be quirky and comedic like Guardians of the Galaxy). Did they try to shove too much Avengers stuff into the movie? Ant Man was one of the original Avengers in the comics, but I don’t think Wright was thinking that when he developed the script back in 2006.

Next up is Captain America: Civil War. This movie sounds like it’s going to be a bag of cats (Bruce Banner’s words…. Not mine). Originally, this was supposed to be a direct sequel to Winter Soldier (they did leave us wanting more with that one), but it seems the movie is turning into a circus of Marvel’s unfinished business. It just started filming, but it sounds like a spin-off of The Avengers movies rather than a Captain America movie.

The first rumor that entered the fray was Robert Downy Jr.’s demanding of a bigger role. He sees Tony Stark / Iron Man as bigger draw for Marvel (and he’s right). What was a small part was rewritten into a massive part, so don’t be surprised to see as much Iron Man in this movie as Captain America. If they follow the comics, then it’ll be an all-out brawl between the two as the government tries to make all of the super heroes register and work for them. Captain America and Iron Man take separate sides on that issue (obviously).


Captain America leads a new team of Avengers in Civil War, including Black Widow, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. To add more fuel to the fire, Ant Man and Black Panther have both been confirmed to be part of this movie. To make things even crazier, Spider-Man will finally be in the MCU and make his first MCU appearance in this one. This isn’t Toby McQuire or Andrew Garfield. This will be an entirely new Spider-Man. It’s still unknown what kind of role he will be playing, but this is a major get for Marvel, and they didn’t want to save him yet another reboot or Avengers 3. They are chucking him right into Civil War.

So all of these super heroes, a new villain for Cap to face, a feud with his former ally, and the conclusion to Bucky’s story? That seems like a lot for one movie. I figure this one to clock in at around five hours.

And what’s next for Marvel after Civil War? Doctor Strange, Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2, that Spider-Man reboot I previously said Marvel skipped, Thor 3, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Avengers 3 parts one and two, and Inhumans. This isn’t even mentioning the slew of shows that will be popping up all over Netflix (see 2 paragraphs from now).

And what about all of these actors? It’s only a matter of time before Freddie Prinze Jr. realizes that he has been Captain America for a decade, and he won’t be able to make any shitty romantic comedies because he’s been typecast as Captain America. And before you say it, I know he’s not really Freddie Prinze Jr., but is there really any difference? Same goes for the rest of the original cinematic Avengers.

That’s one of the reasons the original Spider-Man franchise died (aside from the shitty writing of that last movie). They were supposed to do four movies, but they had to mesh the scripts of Spider-man 3 and 4 together. Toby “crybaby-face” face McGuire, Kirstin “I-look-like-an-ejaculating-horse” Dunst wanted to move on from Spider-Man, because they didn’t want to be typecast. A lot of good it did them! Name one other movie Toby McQuire was in other than Pleasantville and Seabiscuit. Lord of The Rings doesn’t count, because that was Elijah Wood. The only one who was safe was James Franco, and that’s only because he never turns down a movie.

Let’s not forget Marvel’s foray into Netflix. Daredevil became the highest rated Netflix series of all time, and it will be followed up by AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, a second season of Daredevil, and culminating with a mini series called The Defenders (which features all of the Marvel Netflix Universe characters). I’m looking forward to all of this (obviously), but I can’t help feel that this will also turn out to be too much of a good thing, ultimately destroying itself under its own weight.

It’s a wonderful time to be a comic nerd, especially now that I’m no longer a virgin. DC is moving forward, ripping off Marvel by producing movies that will lead up to an eventual Justice League movie. Hey, if the Justice League movie preceded The Avengers, you’d say Marvel ripped them off! I just hope that the balloon called the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t explode all over everyone’s faces.

P.S. If the MCU ever merges with those awful X-Men movies that should have been aborted; It would truly be the end.



The Bulge: 50 Shades of Budgie Ranting


We are still days away from the premier of the 50 Shades of Grey (or is it Gray?) movie, and I am already sick and tired of fucking hearing about it. Before you read the rest of my “review”, please keep in mind that I did not see this movie, did not watch the trailer, did not read the book, did not bother to learn the characters names, and have no intention on doing any of that at any part of my life. Also, I’m not happy that this is forcing me to interrupt my posting of my Spider-Man fan fiction, STING!, to write this. Here we go.

During the run of a children’s movie, the theater employees have to go in afterwards to clean up all the dirty diapers lazy mothers leave behind. During 50 Shades of Vibrating Milfs, I foresee the ushers having to clean up the piles of D batteries from where they gather at the bottom of the theater like the towers that WALL-E built.

So what do I know about this movie? I know it’s based on a book that’s based on a fan fiction that’s based on twilight. So this is essentially one woman’s rape fantasy who was a stong proponent of #TeamEdward (squeeee!). I bet she’s fat. Fat as fuck. I’m going to google her picture right now. Hold on a second… Ha ha. She is fat! She looks like Jabba The Hut mated with Delta Burke and squirted out a sex-crazed young adult literature fan. And her name is E. L. James. Might as well be E. L. Fudge. I can’t be the first one to make that joke, and I don’t care. Fucking perverted blob of a woman.

So I’ve heard the hype from my coworkers. My coworkers are mostly male, so the hype is how they are taking their wives to see this movie so they can get laid after it transforms their loins into a frothy, catfish-scented mess. I’m of the opinion that if you need 50 Shades of Masturbating Grandmas to get laid, then you need to turn in your dick. Overweight plumbers and electricians everywhere are going to climb atop their wives as they close their eyes, picturing a twenty-something year old millionaire that likes to tie bitches up and whip the piss out of them. Also, your wife doesn’t love you anymore.

So what else have I heard about this movie? My mother told me there’s a scene where this Grey dude eats ice cream from this chick’s gash, and she found it very unrealistic. She said the ice cream would go bad because of the heat of her throbbing womanhood. I concur, but I wish she didn’t tell me in front of my daughter.

I also heard (from many people) that it’s a very poorly written pornographic book series. I’ve read some bad erotica (very recently), but nothing as bad as what’s been described to me about these books. “Down there”. Really? Yeah. This chick calls her vagina “down there” on an almost constant basis. I was assured that the script for the movie would be much better, making 50 Shades of Moist Depends the first movie to actually be better than the book it’s based on since Return of the King.

Then there’s the rape vs. BDSM argument that exploded on twitter for three minutes yesterday morning while I was pooping at work. I guess this Mr. Grey is pretty much raping this chick after she says no. I saw the special episodes of Saved By The Bell. This is rape, you ding-dongs. The argument from the fans of this book is that it’s a tale of Grey’s redemption from his love of this virgin chick he forces his bondage on. That’s it women! You can change a man! Sure he’s a rapist sex addict, but you can change him with a little love! That was heavy sarcasm, dummies. #YesAllWomen this movie ain’t.

The worst part of all this is what’s going to happen later on. Nine months from now, there’s going to be a slew of Facebook and infotainment articles about all of the “50 Shades Babies” born from all the hot, dry sex that is going to occur during the run of this soft-porn excuse for cinema. I hope their not vaccinated too. Keep this article for your records and mark your calendar for end of November / start of December, so we can all be disgusted all over again, together.

Let’s conclude this disaster of a movie review before my dick turns inside out and rapes my stomach. 50 Shades of Grey is a trashy movie adaptation of a trashy book written by a trashy pig of a woman who wants to be forcefully nailed by the girly vampires from that trashy book, Twilight. I was sick of hearing about these books, and I’m sicker hearing about the movie. I hope your moms enjoy it.

The End.

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