Budgie’s Journal #42 – I’d Rather be Anywhere but Here

My walls are covered with printouts and reminders. There’s a desk calendar pinned to the side of my cubicle, unused, too big to fit among the mess of papers and folders on my desk. Emails pop up on my screen as my many managers forward me work and tasks, each one thinking thier project is more important than the others, none of which I can finish in their unrealistic time frames.

But my mind is elsewhere, as it usually is. I’d rather be on my back deck reading or writing or editing. My mind feels atrophied by the long line of tedious tasks, repeating the same formula. It longs to create worlds or fill in the ones already created, too much of its time dedicated to earning a more than decent paycheck for the slab of flesh sitting in its office chair.

People call, asking questions, complaining, following up. They’re the real people in the real world, trapped in their own day-to-day rhetoric. They whine and bitch about schedules and payments and contractors and everything in between.

But I don’t pay them much mind. Deep down they know they need me more than I need them, so they eventually give up. I’m more concerned with fictional people in the places I’ve created. They’re the ones on which I want and need to focus.

But time is money, and we all always need more. So it’s off to the real world and its hourly rate.

But this is by no means goodbye.

-Budgie Bigelow

Budgie’s Journal #41 – WIP Wednesday

OK… So I saw my new writer friend Ace Parks do this the last few weeks, so I’m “borrowing” it. Thanks, Ace.

My current WIP (Work In Progress) is one I haven’t shut up about lately: Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space. I’ve recently started the final draft, and I’m about six chapters in.

This is the third, final draft, meaning I’m editing for grammar only. All that’s left after this formatting and release.

But I had an idea on how to extend a particular scene. I haven’t done the edit on it since it comes at the end. So I guess it’s not a big deal. It gives some depth to our protagonist.

Oh, and you already know him…

But I’ve been jumping around. My other WIP, which is still it’s first draft, is Blood Drive, another story I haven’t shut up about. My beta reader gave me her notes, and I’ve making my own little notes accordingly to incorporate some new ideas or improvements on what’s there. I already have three new scenes to add during its transition into second draft. 

But jumping back to the Freedom Lane book.

I should have a cover reveal soon, and I’ll put together a trailer for my site too. Everything is finally falling into place. At one point I doubted this would ever be done.

So that’s it, my WIP Wednesday. I hope you now feel informed.

Budgie Bigelow

Budgie’s Journal #40 – Final Drafting

It’s official. I’ve began the final draft of Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space this morning. Granted, it was only the prologue, and it was a short one at that.

I have a new method for doing this, and I’ve incorporated this method while editing the episodes of Freedom Lane that are currently airing (being posted) on my site every Tuesday night as part of season 11. I let Siri read aloud while I read visually. Sometimes my ear catches a typo my eyes do not see. It takes slightly longer to edit this way, but the results are better than reading alone. 

It feels good to begin the second to last phase of this project, the final phase being formatting and publishing. I don’t have an exact date set in stone, but I’m thinking first week of July. This book is nearly forty-thousand words, doubling the first Freedom Lane movie. But it’s also three times more exciting.

So I have some work to do. The summer of editing shall continue! Once this is done, I’ll jump right into the second draft of Blood Drive, followed by some second and final drafting of the twelve short stories to appear in Dusk volume 2.

And in between I’ll work in the two comedies I plan on releasing in early 2018… But I’ll save that for another post.

-Budgie Bigelow


In case you missed the announcement yesterday, I’ll be meeting fans and signing autographs on July 15th at the Vagabond Saints shop in Hamilton Ontario. More details on this coming soon.

Budgie’s Journal #38 – Morning Meeting

My morning meeting is about to begin. It’s not a typical “state of affairs” thing like we’re used to. We’re going to hear about how much we suck. I’ve already seen the PowerPoint. We suck.

But this isn’t my passion. It’s a way to pay the bills. But my passion is a hobby, and my hobby is part time, making my tedium full time, sapping the creativity from my bones like some corporate succubus in its casual Friday polo shirt.

I, despite having to hear about how much I suck, am good at what I do here, despite finding the tedious tasks of my daily eight hour regime soul-crushing at times.

Today, more than ever with our “you people suck” mid-morning meeting looming over our heads, I feel a powerful need to work on something else. Freedom Lane, I’m in Sci-fi Hell, Ant-Head, Blood Drive, Dusk volume 2… anything!

But that’s not in the cards. My reality today is reality in all its micromanaged glory. So I’ll using all my will power to keep my eyes open and focus on why we suck and how we can strive to not suck as bad in the future.

But I’m paid by the hour, so I’ll just let my mind wander…

-Budgie Bigelow

Budgie’s Journal #37 – Another Ten Thousand Words

Earlier today, I hit my first ten thousand words in a book titled “I’m in Sci-fi Hell”, named after the prompt I posted of that quote. I know… I’m supposed to be editing, not starting new books. But I have a valid excuse.

This idea hit me hard, and I’ve obsessed with it. I started with the prologue to post on my site (which I haven’t yet), but then the world and story of grizzled detective Ray Sansom of the Century City police department unfolded.

Samson’s world is a menagerie of sci-fi tropes and themes. I basically threw in everything that would fit and then some. Samson is the odd man out, longing for a life that was never his, outside his sci-fi hell.

But I’m celebrating my ten thousand. This stories intriguing the hell out of me. Aliens, wizards, robots, androids, dinosaurs, time travel. I’m mashing it all up!

I know I said the same thing when I got the idea for Ant-Head (which hit me in the same fashion and is at six thousand words). I guess I’ll be putting out some comedy next year… 

But I’ll keep working. Another ten thousand is right around the corner.

-Budgie Bigelow

Budgie’s Journal #36 – Three Years Later

That’s right. It’s the three year anniversary of my first book’s release. Well, it’s been three years and one day, but please don’t hold it against me.

Askharoth was released on Amazon on June 13th, 2014. It was the first story I decided to write to it’s end, and it ended up being my first self-published novel.

I didn’t start this whole author thing until I was thirty-three. I had written when I was younger, but I was encouraged to drop it and focus on a more obtainable career path. I wanted to write and draw comic books, but that dream was apparently too unattainable.

So I stayed in school, did more schooling, got a job, got a better job, got an even better job, got married, had a kid, etcetera. That’s life in the enlightened path I guess.

Then an idea hit me for a story while having an innocent conversation about what demonic presence was pulling the strings behind the tale of Cinderella. It was an idea I couldn’t ignore, and I wrote it because I wanted to know the full story. That demon became the titular character of Askharoth.

The book came with mixed reviews, mostly positive. I may have been s little too excited, adding the prelude (I didn’t know ebook fans dislike them). But it was a good experience, and I’m proud off what I accomplished.

I’ve published six more books since then with more planned for this year and 2018, but Askharoth was my first, and it will always have that honor.

Heres a link to the book:

Askharoth on Amazon.com

-Budgie Bigelow