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Ant-Head: A Love Story


Blood Drive

Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space

Dusk, Volume 2


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I’m in Sci-fi Hell

The Whore Ghosts of the Admiral Inn

Dusk, Volume 3


Available in Digital or Paperback:

Ant-Head: A Love Story

Join Joe Plume, fan fiction writer, on his quirky journey through the ups and downs of love’s embrace. Joe lives his life alone, obsessed with sitcoms. But all that’s about to change thanks to a new coworker, Tammy Panarese. Tammy just started to work a few cubicles down from Joe, and the two quickly crowbar themselves into each other’s lives. Now, Joe’s dating again, learning how to be substitute father to Tammy’s son, and trying his hardest not to let the whole thing blow up in his face.

Check out Ant-Head: A Love Story in paperback or digital today!

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Dusk, Volume 2

As Daylight dies, the world revels in its dusk.

Budgie Bigelow returns with his second collection of short fiction, bringing you deeper into the world of his imagination. Enter a dark circus of macabre delights, where demons walk the streets, time is a malleable construct, and death is merely a doorway. Do you dare look to see what’s behind the sun as it sets toward the west?

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Dusk, Volume 2 in paperback
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Blood Drive

What happens when two vampires with a van of stolen blood, their werewolf bodyguard, and an armed and dangerous priest try to make their way across America?

You get Blood Drive, the latest book by Budgie Bigelow.

Blood Drive in Paperback!
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Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space

Once in a great while, a story comes along so huge, it can’t be contained in a sitcom in short story form. Once in an even greater while, a story comes along that’s bigger than the first story, warranting a sequel of immense magnitude.
That sequel is Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space.

Join Da’Quarius, Paulie, Tony, and a handful of others as they accidentally get launched and trapped on a space station orbiting the earth. Join Helen and Rose as they get sentenced to a month in prison.

A story this huge can’t be missed.

Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space in paperback
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You already know the tale of Cinderella and how she fell in love with the charming Prince after a night of magic and whimsy. What you do not know is that Cinderella’s fairy tale life was manipulated by the malevolent High Demon, Askharoth.

Askharoth tells his tale to Cinderella’s son, Adam, which spans her life as a young girl, Queen of the Kingdom of Cendrillon, mother, and widow. What are Askharoth’s plans, and where does Cinderella her family fit in to all of them.

Askharoth for Kindle
Askharoth in paperback


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The sin of envy is grevious for an angel.

Zarola takes the words of a witch to heart, abandoning her duty to pursue a path of her own. She joins the demon she was meant to kill, entering into a world of dark romance, lust, and forsaken love. Can she find her place in the world now that she’s turned her back on everything she’s ever known, dealing with the betrayal by those she once trusted?

Pick up Envy, a novella by Budgie Bigelow to find out.

Envy preview
Envy for Kindle


Dusk Vol. 1

As day ends, dusk settles.

Dusk, Volume 1 is a culmination of over a year’s worth of writing. Budgie wrote these stories as they came to him. Some were inspired by true events, some were inspired by dreams, and some where inspired by friends. All stories in this collection contain a glimpse into the author’s mind.

A man contemplates a deal with the devil to save his daughter. A city worker has a more than significant moment with a woman he has never met. A young girl finds that Neverland isn’t all fantasy. A roller derby jammer finds herself skating for her life. A boy tries to take justice into his own hands.


Dusk, Volume 1


Freedom Lane da’ Movie

The popular sitcom in short story form is finally a movie in novella form!

Da’Quarius, Helen, Rose, Paulie, and Tony are in for their biggest adventure yet when Da’Quarius meets his exact double, a boy from a strange European country called Douglashire. The two switch places, promising to live each other’s lives for a just a week, but things go wrong quickly.

Can Helen, Rose, and Paulie get Da’Quarius back before it’s too late with Winchester in their midst? Reed Freedom Lane da’ Movie to find out.


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Mediterrania; a novella

Kiz, Bloom, Marlona, and Kora are the four members of Prince Tadeas’s harem. They face exile when the King of Atlantis sends their youngest daughter to be Tadeas’s bride, but Tadeas isn’t ready to send them into exile from Mediterrania.

Kiz has a hidden agenda no one but Bloom knows, Marlona fancies herself the future queen of the kingdom, and Kora doesn’t want the party to end.

But a dark cloud is surrounding Mediterrania, and the actions of Prince Tadeas and the four mermaids of his harem will determine the fate of the entire Kingdom.


Mediterrania preview / excerpt
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Draken, Son of Drog

Draken, Son of Drog, was born in secret to a demon father and a witch mother. He’s faced many challenges and hardships as a result of the demon blood running through his veins, but none so great as being hurled from a cliff to his death for his failure at a simple task. This is where his true tribulations begin.

Draken escapes the torture and torment of Hell, only to be unwittingly enlisted as the prophesized savior of a land he had never before traveled. He must decide whether to deny the destiny foretold so many moons ago or risk his life against a most powerful and dangerous enemy who threatens an end to the world as they know it.

Draken focuses on his own memories to help him decide on the right paths to take now that an entire race of people have put their faith in the faithless half-demon wanderer. Can the events of Draken’s past help him save the people of Tsu-Ket, or are they as doomed as they were before?

Son of Drog

Draken, Son of Drog Prelude / Preview
Draken, Son of Drog on Amazon