For Jo

It’s been two years to the day that the world lost Joanna, and I think about her still. I bnb kept my promise, and every dragonfly the summer brings puts her back in my mind. I’ve used her spirit to drive me, and I’ve even used the image of that spirit in multiple works of fiction, immortalizing her in my own way, selfish as that seems to be. I like to think she’d approve.

Wherever Jo’s journey has taken her, I’m sure she’d love to know that she still spurs me onward.

I miss you, Jo.

Budgie Bigelow

I was in my truck on my break at work, talking on the phone with Eve about our friend, Joanna, and the last stretch of her long journey. She had been admitted to hospice the evening before. Eve mentioned Jo’s affinity toward dragonflies. I didn’t know this about her, and I wish I did, seeing as my own totem is the praying mantis. A dragonfly flew toward the windshield of my truck, hovered there for a moment or two, and flew away.

I later found out this happened mere minutes after Jo passed away.

I ask myself now, hours after the dragonfly zipped up to me and flew off, whether my mind made the connection or if it meant something deeper. I always look for signs in the comings and goings of insects, so I believe the latter, but would it really be so bad if the former were true…

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