Budgie’s Journal #168 – The Search for a Blog Topic

The title should say it all.

Thank you, Alex, for this topic which encompasses all topics. For this piece, I will talk about the topics given to me via Twitter.

Someone told me to talk about drastic changes. I’m waiting for a few to occur myself. I need a change before the word “stagnation” becomes part of my mantra. But I’m working on it. I’m ever patient like my totem, the praying mantis.

I also got this short list I’ll quote directly:


Reader rights.

1. To review or not to review

2. To tag the author in a bad review or not to tag the author in a bad review

3. To say you hated a book if you’re an author yourself or not to…. you know

4. To compare authors / books with negative connotations toward one.


I don’t know how to address this. I’ve never noticed this going on, and it’s never happened to me. I don’t shy away from giving or receiving creative criticism, but I wouldn’t publicly bash another indie author.

This likely comes from a particular group of authors I’ve spoken about in the recent past. They’re a tight group, supportive, but don’t you disagree with their fad advice or cross into their genres!

They’re pretty predatory when they want to be, and I can totally see them doing this.

My final topic given to me was “Pineapple versus Everything Else.”

Pineapple wins. No contest.

Thank you for the topics. Perhaps I’ll play this again someday.

-Budgie Bigelow


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