Budgie’s Journal #166 – To Trump or Not to Trump?

That is the badly posed question…

The other day, I posted a “conundrum” on Twitter without giving away the details. I’ll reveal here for the first time ever the question I’ve been asking myself:

Should I write a season two of The Trumps?

Let me start by thanking everyone who read any of all of the ten episodes of season one, the only season I had planned on writing. It got incredibly popular, especially near the end when my Melania is Missing episode somehow coincided with actual reports of Melania Trump missing.

If you haven’t seen The Trumps but want to, you can find season one here:

The Trumps by Budgie Bigelow

Getting back on track; something happened as soon as I aired the final episode. The real news gave me more plots. In days, I had ideas to open and continue a second season. In weeks, I had enough ideas to craft an outline for a full set of episodes. Maybe not ten full ones like season one, but definitely enough to keep readers as enthralled as they were with the first.

But there lies the problem. Those who spoke to me about this series know how hard it was to write. Saying I’m “disenfranchised” with the current state of the presidency is putting it mildly. Writing some of the episodes, especially the one where Donald teaches Barron about the birds and the bees, dragged me down. Sure, it was mostly stuff that was said or expressed on a certain bus ride, but that doesn’t make it easy. And Mike Pence and Donald’s discussion on homosexuality at the end of episode two was pretty tough to get out.

I enjoy putting this show out there, though. It’s like my own peaceful protest, my way of giving this administration a quick jab to the chops from behind my block. Sure, it earned me a little trolling here and there, but that just means I’m doing my job, right?

So I’ll continue to ask myself whether or not to do another batch of episodes and post a Twitter poll, the lowest form of decision making. And maybe, just maybe, we can make sitcoms great again… Again

-Budgie Bigelow

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