The Sparkle of Her

The following is an excerpt from a young adult romance novel that doesn’t exist. The narrative is from the point of view of the male lead, and it’s more realistic than any YA male lead before.



The Sparkle of Her

Chapter Eleventeen: Boobs n’ Junk

The crisp autumn leaves fell from the trees in the school’s courtyard, which was weird since it was late-June. Grayson watched them fall with Lavender by his side on the old wooden bench. Normally, the courtyard would be full of their classmates, but they were all gone for the summer. Grayson only stayed behind because of his summer janitorial internship.

“Thanks for letting me in,” Lavender said with a loving sigh. She reached over and squeezed her new boyfriend’s hand.

Nice, Grayson thought. I bet I can get a handjob out here.

“No problem,” Grayson said. He leaned over and started to kiss Lavender’s neck, and she giggled before gently pushing him away.

“The Super Death Lottery is this weekend,” Lavender said. “Both of my parents are in it this year. What if they have to fight each other?”

Grayson rolled his eyes. She’s on about this again? he thought. Does she ever want to talk about anything else. My parents are vacationing in Canada without me, but I don’t bitch about it every ten seconds.

“That sucks,” Grayson replied.

“My uncles won’t let you and me be together,” Lavender said, turning to look Grayson in his modestly handsome face. “My feelings are too strong for me to let them come between us! I wish they weren’t magistrates!”

Grayson’s pants felt like they had shrunk. He always popped wood when she talked about stuff like that. All that anger at her jerk-off uncles really got her beaver woke.

“Cool,” Grayson said.

“Cool?” Lavender asked, getting up. “You think that’s cool?!”

“What?” Grayson asked, standing to face Lavender. He fucked up; and he knew he had, but she was too hot for him to let her stay mad even though she was being a bitch. “I didn’t mean that, babe.”

Lavender sighed. “Sometimes I think overthrowing my uncles’ stranglehold on this city is too much for you, Gray. Maybe I should have stayed with Landon at his mom’s summer cottage instead of staying here for you.”

The bile rose in Grayson’s throat, and his boner was a thing of the past. For ten whole chapters, she had gone back and forth about who she’d rather be with: him or Landon. Landon was rich, extra handsome, and had a dark demeanor that didn’t match his family’s sunny lifestyle. He was pure puss-bait.

But Grayson was tough, chiseled, and passionate, puss-bait in his own right. Lavender had seen that in him, but she still had fantasies about that little wimp in his black turtleneck and fedora.

“Grayson can’t be what I am to you!” Grayson exclaimed.

You’re Grayson!”

“Oh shit,” Grayson muttered. “I meant Landon. Landon can’t be what I am to you!”

Lavender sighed, something she did far too often in Grayson’s opinion. She was like a leaky bike tire. She walked away, leaving him in that courtyard to finish his lunch break alone. She turned one last time to look at him and spoke.

“Will I see you at Inspiration Pier tonight for the Pre-Showdown Jamboree?”

“Sure,” Grayson replied. “Wouldn’t miss it.”

Lavender lingered, a small smile on her sad face. Grayson memorized every curve of his body so he could masturbate to her image in the boys’ room the second she was gone. “Bye-bye, Gray. I love you.”

“Love you too, babe.”

She was gone a moment later, and Grayson got ready to beat his dick like he was in the Super Death Lottery with it.


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