Budgie’s Journal #165 – Look Elsewhere for a Hero

Yes, This is another Trump post. No, I won’t stop. But I will promise to keep this one short and to to the point.

Earlier today, Trump caved, possibly for the first time ever. Pressure from all over got to him over the “tender age shelter” scandal. He had done everything from blaming democrats, whatabouting like a mother fucker, and distracting us with ridiculous bullshit like “Space Force”. In the end, he signed a bill that would put an end to the separation of families, patted himself on the back, and masturbated into a Big Mac (allegedly).

But is he really the hero here?

No. He’s not. I don’t think anyone is saying that. Are they?!

One person is for sure: Donald Trump. I’m sure he’ll go to sleep tonight, thinking he did the right thing, even though there was probably someone screaming in his ear: “YOU BETTER SIGN SOMETHING AND SHUT THESE LIBS THE FUCK UP BEFORE THEY END YOUR ASS OVER THIS SHIT!”

So Big Donny is a hero, but only to himself. After closer inspection, the action he took was full of holes. It’s just a band-aid over a shotgun blast to the crotch. And is his base cheering this action, or are they keeping their distance after defending the fuck out of the United States doing something so horrible and inhumane, making excuses for a man who should know better but doesn’t?

So I end the night, reminding you not to look toward the White House for a hero. Look somewhere else.

Goodnight, America.

-Budgie Bigelow


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