Budgie’s Journal #164 – Divided, We’re Falling

Yesterday was a bad day, but I woke up again today. I wanted to write this last night, but I was completely drained, emotionally and otherwise. I thought I’d hang it up, give up this noble quest of writing my ass off, but I can’t, won’t. I promised you I’d speak my mind more about the issues all around us, and I intend to keep that promise.

So here we go…

Today, I don’t want to talk about politicians, not right off the bat anyway. I want to talk about people; our family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. We’re divided, that much is true. I’m stating what’s already been stated, what doesn’t need to be stated, but there it is.

There are (were) people in my life I respected. Senior co-workers, family members, friends, etcetera. Something happened. Or, to put it bluntly: Someone happened. Maybe they were always like this and were quiet until it became acceptable to be boisterous about being this way.

Let me cite an example.

We’ll start with a co-worker. We’ll call him Gary for argument’s sake. Gary is a trainer in management. I didn’t know him until I had to sit through one of his unbearably tedious classes. I thought he was a nice enough guy, though I’d never have a beer with him. Then one day, he got my ear in the breakroom.

You can’t say anything in this country anymore. Everyone’s offended. You’ll have to shut down all the comedy clubs because these liberals can’t take a fuckin’ joke.”

Of course, he was talking about Rosanne Barr’s cancellation, something that turned into a political argument like everything (but I’ll get to that point in a minute).

I didn’t prompt this conversation, nor do I ever. There’s no point in having them. There’s no such thing as calm discussions where other people’s points of view are considered. If you disagree with someone, regardless of political alignment, you’ll get screamed at. Yes, those on the right have been worse (in my own experience). In this current trend, we’ve come to accept “louder” as “winner”.

So I don’t bother. I can’t stand being yelled over to be proven wrong when I’m only stating my opinion. There are at least a dozen people I actively avoid because of this, and I can probably write a novel of example conversations from the breakroom. I’ve even had a co-worker tell me that Trump’s tweets were fabricated by the leftist media when I read them, his words verbatim, directly off my Twitter app.

Then there’s those you can’t avoid: family.

This past weekend, I was at a father’s day picnic. The conversation turned toward Anthony Bourdain and his death by suicide. What happened next astounded me, and I still don’t believe it. They discussed which liberal celebrity they wanted to see do it next.

I walked away at this point. I didn’t make a scene. I didn’t cause any trouble. I just walked away.

What’s the point in arguing? I’ll start a shouting match about liberals, and I’ll be made the asshole for starting it. Again, this was someone I greatly respected, but I’m finding it hard to even exist in his right-ring world.

I’m moving away from my point, I think. Everything is an argument now, a shouting match. Every issue is a disagreement, and I’m tired of trying to talk rationally when everyone else just wants their nonsense heard over mine. I pride myself in the ability to listen and weigh opinions, but I’m at my limit with the bullshit.

Look at this most recent issue: the immigrant children being taken from their parents and put into cages. Sure, I can tell you about morality and compassion and whatever else. I’ll get a laundry list of the right’s excuses, whataboutisms, and finger-pointing shouted at me in return.

But I talked about that yesterday and won’t rehash that one. If you want, you can read it by clicking here.

The right has a good bullhorn with their presidential mouthpiece. He’s been good from day one with riling people up and staring these arguments that are tearing us apart. They know we’ll never rise against them if we’re divided, and we’re more divided than ever.

If Trump is forcibly removed from office (which looks like a very real possibility), it could result in all-out anarchy when his cult-like following goes off the deep end. That’s best case scenario. What’s the worst case scenario? Civil war.

And I wish I was joking.

But scream over me. Tell me I’m a liberal snowflake cuck who’s drank the left’s kool-aid. Tell me we’re making America great again and not destroying it a piece at a time. Time will tell if your screaming will outweigh my logic. I’ll be setting my watch.

-Budgie Bigelow


  • I don’t like talking about politics at work. Even if I agree with people, it can be tricky. Same with religion, and all the delicate topics. It’s best (in my opinion) to stick with weather, food, and light stuff. With friends, I find myself agreeing with things I don’t REALLY agree with just to get along and then I feel icky about it, but I guess friendships are important. I don’t know. I suppose it wouldn’t do any good to argue every point ~ I wouldn’t change anyone’s mind. I’d just be considered unpleasant. Again, it’s best not to discuss the tricky subjects too much! My kids pretend to agree with me mostly so I’ll shut up, which is nice. 🙂

    • It got so bad here around election time that management actually banned the subject from being spoken about, a rule they could never actually enforce.

      But I avoid it like the plague. I’m not here to argue. It just so happens people are out to seek such arguments, and me sitting in an empty breakroom, writing on my laptop is some kind of signal that I want to have loud “discussions” about this bullshit.

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