Budgie’s Journal #163 – The Puller of the Strings

There’s a subject I barely touch on here or on social media in general. It’s not because I don’t talk about it, and it’s not because I feel it will offend someone who may be in a certain mindset about the current state of events. It’s that I genuinely think that the way I view these subjects can come off as crazy, paranoid, and let’s face it: delusional at best.

Of course, I’m speaking of my political views.

I’ve written a few blog posts about politics before, mostly since the 2016 elections. I have a morbid fascination with Trump, his rise to power, and his colorful presidency. Longtime readers/followers have either seen or read my faux sitcom The Trumps. I’ve been know as a dark humorist to joke about that which frightens and intrigues me, taking away the power the feelings have over me. That’s just how I operate.

And yes, Trump being in a seat of power scares the shit out of me.

Let me back up to a time before President Trump. I have never seen a single episode of The Apprentice, and I don’t stroke my doodle to the rich and famous of “American Royalty”, so I never really gave two dingle berries about the guy. Sure, I knew he existed, but I just didn’t care.

Fast forward to today: I care about the mother fucker, a lot.

What prompted this post (or “light ranting” if you’ll give me that one) was a discussion about the recent scandal involving Hispanic children being torn from their parents after crossing the border. As I usually do, I try to see both sides of the argument, then go completely shit-nuts over conspiracy theories and secret reptilian races controlling the world governments.

In a serious manner, I can say that I do agree that borders must be policed. What I don’t agree with is children being treated the way they are. The parents are breaking the law, I’ll give you that, but does it warrant this kind of Nazi-like treatment?

And before you go off on me for being the millionth “snowflake cuck” to compare current Republican regime to Nazis and Trump to Hitler, let me tell you what else pisses me off.

It’s the lies and the cover-ups and the scapegoating and the distractions. I watched a news conference where Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about this very subject that derailed my light rant, and she deflected like it was her first day on the job. She claimed the Bible said they can do this. She blamed both the Obama and Bush administrations. She blamed house Democrats for “not coming to the table.”

Here’s a cheat sheet for you: Your fucked up interpretation of the Bible does not govern law, Obama and Bush aren’t sitting presidents, and the House is currently run by the Reptilian… I mean Republican party.

And let’s face facts. There were plenty of Obama-era bills and laws and regulations that Trump rallied himself against and had his administrative team push for whatever (greedy) reason he saw fit: the tax (scam) reform, the end of net neutrality, Obamacare, the Iran Deal… I could go on. Was he 100% successful? No, but he did a lot more for the shit he really wanted. He did more than tweet “CHANGE THE LAWS” and start the Space Force.

…and let’s talk about this fucking Space Force.

I had a good laugh over Space Force on Twitter yesterday afternoon. I compared it to a bad 70s anime, a new incantation of Saban’s Power Rangers, and one of those stupid puppet shows my father used to watch. Also, I made a kick-ass Space Force graphic:

I’m waiting on Amazon to approve this design for a tee shirt.

But what is “Space Force”, really? It’s another distraction meant to get us doing just what I did to get our minds off the Hispanic junior concentration camps. It’s a ridiculous idea atop a pile of ridiculous ideas, and King Donny isn’t slowing down.

Which brings me to my next query: Is this mother fucker insane?!

OK… Reagan had the lasers to blast enemy missiles from space before they could reach America, and people said he was crazy. Trump wants a space army, so he must be full-blown bat-shit nuts.

Let me be the first to say that I have no problem eating a whole bunch of crow if space aliens attack and Donald Trump’s Space Force is what saves us from extinction. You can quote me on that.

I need to start wrapping up here, and I haven’t even brought up the mounting legal troubles surrounding Trump, his family, and everyone around him. Fuck it… I have time for a few more paragraphs of this dribble.

I’d like to believe in Trump’s innocence, I really would. Back in Novemver of 2016, there were a lot of people on the left crying and sobbing that they wanted him to fail. I wasn’t one of them. I know if he fails, then our country as a whole fails. I knew he’d fail, and I prayed he’d prove me wrong. Thus far, he hasn’t.

Innocent people don’t scream “witch hunt”. Even the actual witches who were tried and killed in Salem used more decorum. When everyone around you is getting indicted, arrested, or investigated, maybe you need to see that your guilt is imminent and you’re even sending your hellspawn children to prison.

And therein lies my biggest problem and what scares me about Donald Trump. I believe he doesn’t know his own guilt. He’s a man used to having his ass kissed by the soft lips of his yes-men. In his mind, he can do no wrong. He’s President Midas, making America great again with his golden touch. He’s our savior, and we should all be grateful he bestows his wisdom and fair rule upon us, even if he has to do it against his will. He’s God-complex incarnate, and he is not or ever was in on the joke.

But a man who believes he does no evil is the most evil man of them all.

Why did I title this piece “The Puller of the Strings”? It’s because Trump is a puppet himself, plain and simple. Who’s pulling the strings then? Some say it’s Stephen Miller, a white supremacist, using the President to mold the country into Hitler’s utopia, one group at a time. Other fringe theories suggest it’s Pence, and there are those who even bring up the existence of the Shadow Government, who are manipulating us all along to distract us from something so huge we can’t even imagine it.

But I’ve said too much, and I may have tipped off their reptilian overlords.

I’ve repeated the name “Hitler” a few times here today, mostly because it’s repeated in the articles I’ve been reading, stating Trump’s mid-level on the Nazi scale. The main regret of the Germans who lived through Hitler’s reign was staying silent and letting him do what he did.

So I’m no longer avoiding this topic. There’s a lot to say, and all I’ve got are these words. I don’t know if I’ll make a difference, but I can at least try to make a dent. With my dark humor, blogging app, and a few swear words, I’m taking up the cause.

Resign, bitch!

-Budgie Bigelow


  • Thanks for your mild foray into politics, lol. I feel the same, but am RESISTING posting anything on my own blog because “one of my best friends” is a Trump supporter and sometimes reads my blog. I don’t understand it, but I love her and don’t want to insult her or hurt her feelings. Twitter is another matter entirely ~ she isn’t there and I feel free to vent. I feel pretty much the same as you except I think Trump’s main motivation is to make money and he sees poor people as a hindrance to that. He likes “winners,” wealthy people, real estate investors, anyone who can add to his and Ivanka’s portfolios. What use would he have for a bunch of asylum seekers? They aren’t going to buy hotels. If they came here lugging crates of gold and emeralds, he’d be interested in helping them. Others in his admin may be more purely motivated by racism, like that awful Stephen Miller. What an embarrassment he is.

    • That’s one way to look at it. I think money being his main motivation is his personality, and those around him are using it to get what they want. Sad.

    • Please don’t let your friend keep you from speaking out. My sister is a very vocal Trump supporter and she goes nuts when I write a political piece on my blog. But we love each other and I remind her she doesn’t have to read my posts.
      Speak truth to power and do not be silent. JMHO

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