Budgie’s Journal #161 – I Want to Rant!

But who wants to hear it?

Granted, some of my best-liked posts have been rants. Remember the time I went off on that harpy for using cancer to finance a go-fund-me to raise five grand for a book of her shitty tweets? How about that social justice nut who tried to take me down and got her very own Budgie rant. And who could forget my political rant about Trump and his insane supporters!

But the rant in my head this morning is much more superficial.

I’m supportive of my fellow indie authors. I always have been. Even if I don’t particularly like their choice of genre, I’ll always throw them some support or advice. It’s just how I am. There’s some good parts under this rough and tough exterior.

Yes, I can be critical, but that’s human nature. If I see a writer who’s putting out something that needs work, I’ll let them know. I’ve been lashed at for this, but it’s the way I’m wired. I welcome creative criticism from others on my work too. If something can be improved upon, then I want to hear it.

I also know I’m in no way an authority on writing. I know it’s difficult to hear, but I don’t know everything. The first part of this rant may come off that way, but I assure you I’m not an egotistical monster. I know I can write, I know I can do it well, but I in no way think I’m God’s gift to the written word.

So… This rant of mine. What is it really about? It’s really about the lack of support about a particular group of writers who hover around their chosen genre, mining it like a fly mines a turd for a healthy morsel, picking it apart as they pump out book after book after book of the same old story with slight differences.

Let me say one thing here… I’m not naming that oh-so-popular genre or the writers who set me off this morning. I do know writers who write in this genre, do it well, and aren’t a snobby bunch of… Well, you get the point.

I didn’t invent A Million and One Magazine. That honor goes to my friend Katherine J Marshall. But I did hop aboard her project for the same reasons I started this nonsensical rant. I want to support indie authors and help them find a voice. There are genres I don’t read and don’t particularly like, but I’d never shit on another writer because is it. A Million and One was meant to be an outlet for any author to try out their work and have the advice from a few more experienced writers and editors to help them along the way.

And now I turned this into a self-serving sermon. I might as well link the site…

A Million and One Magazine

Let me close this up. I’m trolled regularly on social media. I know… Try not to be too shocked. The comments are usually the same, and I don’t even register them anymore. But what stings is when other writers, ones that I’ve supported, turn their backs because they’re not fans of certain genres.

You don’t have to buy books to support an author. A follow and a like or a retweet is a show of support. I’m not writing in the most popular of genres, but that doesn’t mean you’re a better writer than me because you do. Besides, I do this in my free time and work full time. I know a lot of writers, especially in this unmentioned genre, don’t work and are supported by their spouses. I’m not shitting on how you live your life. I’m just saying that you need to realize everyone does this different. You have the time to be a “full time writer” based on your circumstances of not having to work. Some of us have to make the time in out busy schedules because we love the craft so much and can’t go on without creating.

I’m not in this for the money. Sure, it would be nice, but I know Budgie Bigelow becoming a household name is the most unlikely of scenarios. I’m the same as you in that regard. You may have the spark, but this hobby of ours is oversaturated, especially with that oh-so-popular genre you hold so dear.

Do what you want with this info. Those who deleted their comments and hit the unfollow button won’t read this, but maybe someone will learn something. Also, ranting is therapeutic, and I feel so much better now.

-Budgie Bigelow


  • Idk what genre you’re writing in, but I’m used to being crapped on for writing romance (not currently writing it, but probably will again), since it’s not “literary” enough for some artistes. Neither is sci-fi. Both those genres are popular though and lucrative, if you can break in. Yet, those who disdain, will write about beer and sports, which are apparently high art, lol. Snobbery is weird!

    • I typically write in dark fantasy or humor. I’m tackling my first sci-fi book now, but it’s a satiric version of the genre. I’m sure I’ll get some crap for this one too… haha

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