Budgie’s Journal #159 – Insert Journal Entry Title Here

Good morning, dear readers. I know these journal entries aren’t popping up on your timeline as often as usual, but real life beckons, and I find myself with little free time with which to be Budgie.

And there’s my horrible secret: writing isn’t my day job, my day job is.

But that’s the only peek behind the curtain you’ll get for now. Maybe a day will come when my writing can play the bills, or maybe this will remain an incredibly fulfilling hobby.

OK… So one more peek….

A storm burst hit my area. It was an “almost tornado” or something. I’m no weather expert, but I heard it referred to as both. The funnel was in the sky, but it never touched down. This came awfully close to my home, and the town to the west of us got hit hard.

Without revealing the exact nature of my day job or where it is, bad storms are a huge impact, and I’ve been working twelve hours or more a day since it hit. It’s tedious work that leaves me little time to write, edit, chat, or update. But there are those who have lost their homes, so I’m grateful I’m only losing my writing time when it could have been so much worse for my family and me.

But I’ve been writing and editing whenever I can. I have my planner, full of what I want to write and work on. My outlining advice for Million and One Magazine has been put off, but I managed to finish the last two days of The Trumps for this week. I also finished off a short story called Barry Beer, also for Million and One.

Also, a short story I wrote a while ago, Two Dresses, ended up published on Million and One too. You can find it here.

I’m also driving I’m in Sci-fi Hell forward now that the first draft is done and needs polishing. The Whore Ghosts of the Admiral Inn is next to be polished, followed by Dusk Volume 3, and that takes is into 2019, where I’ll be working on some new projects that are on my list, delving into new worlds and genres.

…assuming I get the time to start writing again

-Budgie Bigelow

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