Budgie’s Journal #157 – Freedom Lane: Three Years Later

Oh, how time flies. One minute your bullshitting with a friend, talking about how you’d love to see a sitcom about an elderly lesbian couple who adopt a sassy black kid, and then you’re writing that sitcom.

That sitcom, of course, is Freedom Lane, and its three years old today.

Freedom Lane is a baby BluntSharpness and I created and birthed in our own heads. In the three years since the first episode “aired,” we’ve done thirteen six-episode seasons, and one more is on the way in June. We started with a cast of four (five if you count Tony), and we now have an extended cast of… Gee, I’ve never counted before. There’s a lot of people who pop in and out of episodes though.

I’ve posted my journey from nothing to Freedom Lane after its first year. You can read the introspective blog piece here: Freedom Lane: One Year Later.

What else is there to say? You can catch season fourteen in June, and the gang is up to some all-new antics. Old and new fans will both be satisfied by what’s coming, and you won’t want to miss a single scene!

You can catch up all episodes and link to the two movies (available on Amazon) here: Freedom Lane.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Freedom Lane and will continue to do so. There’s lots more laughs, tears, and surprises to come!

-Budgie Bigelow

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