Budgie’s Journal #156 – Two Become One

Good afternoon, Budgie fans. I meant to make this a #WIPWednesday post, but it slipped my mind yesterday. Now, you get to hear about I’m in Sci-fi Hell today instead. Lucky you.

I’ve been working on this book for sometime, and if you’ve followed me anywhere, you may have seen me advertising two books: I’m in Sci-fi Hell and I’m Still in Sci-fi Hell. After debating it in my head, I decided to combine them into one book.

The two books apart would have been two short novels. Together, they make one full story. In the long run, it made sense to keep them together. If you read part one, you’ll want to read part two, and you wouldn’t read part two unless you’ve read part one. It’ll be epic, my biggest book to date.

See… perfect sense.

I’ve now had the whole of the first draft beta-read, and it was torn a new wormhole. I’m working on fixing what needs to be fixed and changing it up a bit. I got some great ideas for improvements from Harbingerr, and it’s coming along spectacularly. I’ve even toyed with some artwork on my own!

For those who are unfamiliar with this WIP, it’s about a city detective in a world where anything sci-fi can happen who ends up on a wild goose chase to find a mad scientist who may just destroy the universe with his experiments. Ray Samson takes a world tour through what he dubs his sci-fi hell trying desperately for a lead, alongside an entire cast of color miscreants, including wizards, androids, aliens, and more.

…OK. That’s enough of a tease for now.

I still project this out sometime this summer, hopefully July. I’m still shooting for Halloween to release The Whore Ghosts of the Admiral Inn. I’m gonna be a busy boy…

Stay tuned. More details to follow once I settled on a concrete release date.

-Budgie Bigelow

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