Budgie’s Journal #155 – The Most Motivational of Mondays

Long time followers and readers of this blog have likely gotten used to me being dark and morose. It’s my style, one of them anyway. I can’t help it most of the time. There are a lot of days where I wake up on one side of the bed or the other, and my mind just wants to spew inky blackness like an irate squid.

But it’s time for a heaping dose of Monday Motivation!

So hello, good morning, and shine on! It may be another Monday in a never-ending line of Mondays, but let’s make this one different. Let’s greet our fellow human beings with a smile instead of a grunt. Let’s talk about whatever good may be coming our way instead the shit you just waded through. Get out of your own head and face the day, but leave a window or two open for God’s sake. It can use a good airing.

“Why the sudden change in demeanor, Budgie? What the hell do you have to be happy about?”

That’s a fair question, though its negativity defeats the purpose of the positive energy I want to spread today. As of late, I’ve been through the shit-ponds with nothing to keep me afloat save a buoyant turd. But I want to leave that in my past and forget about it, saving only what I’ve learned to help me overcome future adversities.

Through it all, our attitudes define us to others. It’s easy not to give a shit what anyone thinks, but sometimes you have to objectively look at yourself from the outside. If you could, would you like what you saw, or would you want to make a change or two?

So I needed that dose of positive vibes, so I created my own, sending them out into the universe. Only time will tell if they’re sent back to me stronger, weaker, or with the polarity reversed. It depends on what the universe has in store for me and how those receiving my energy use it.

So please don’t use it for evil…

-Budgie Bigelow

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