Budgie’s Journal #155 – The Trumps Preview

Somewhere, in an alternate dimension maybe, there’s a suburban man who strived to reach the top; a man who wanted to be president of the Neighborhood Association in his gated community and lord his position over all who think he was too inept to win a fixed election. And that man rose to that height.

That man is Donald Trump, and this is his sitcom.

In a home on Blue Jay Lane, Donald patriarchs his family, his trophy wife Melania by his side.

His two oldest sons from a previous wife, the middle-aged Donny Jr and Eric, share a room and a bunk bed, wrestling in the yard when they’re not putting in an appearance at their father’s business.

Barron, Donald’s youngest and only child from Melania, likes to keep to himself unless he absolutely has to interact with the others.

Ivanka, Donald’s smart and sexy daughter (Donald will tell you), and her husband Jared, live in the same neighborhood, frequently visiting with their family.

Join the whole family, along with their friends and neighbors, as they live their lives the only way they know how.

Can Donald deal with work and his new role as president of the Neighborhood Association? Can he put up with a wife who’s emotionally despondent and depressed? Can he be a role model to his two asshole sons who are too old to be on their level of assholiness? Can he keep his hands and mouth off his hot daughter?

Find out the answers to these questions and more as the Trumps and Budgie Bigelow make sitcoms great again!

-Budgie Bigelow

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