Budgie’s Journal #153 – No Title

Sometimes it feels like there’s little left, motivation being outweighed by the necessity to stay in one place and let yourself become numb to the sensations that have crippled so many before you. Tears that should be thick and heavy are just a light drizzle in the fog. That which you live for feels diminished in the sea of black water.

You run, but the bottoms of your shoes are bald, and the sand flies behind you as you struggle to cover ground. The destination is just ahead, but it’s so far away when forward momentum doesn’t come as easy as it once did. You reach out your hand as if it’ll close the distance, but you realize you look silly, grasping at nothing but the empty air in front of you.

Error 404: paragraph conveying the happy ending not found.

-Budgie Bigelow

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