Budgie’s Journal #152 – Ant-Head Giveaway!

Good morning, Budgie fans!

We are a week away from the release of my latest book, Ant-Head: A Love Story, and I’m celebrating by giving away a free copy (digital or paperback) of the book!

Ant-Head is the story of Joe Plume, sitcom fan fiction writer extraordinaire. Joe leads a dull life, until the fateful day Tammy starts working with Joe and turns everything around on him. Joe’s thrust into a world he doesn’t know; one of romance, fatherhood, and the real-life trouble that comes with relationships.

But enough blurbing… You want to know how to win your free copy!

It’s easy. Go over to Twitter and follow @BudgieBigelow. Then, retweet the pinned tweet about the giveaway. You’ll he entered into the drawing and contacted vis DM on 4/17 if you’re the winner!

Good luck, and mark your calendars for the seventeenth, the release of the long-anticipated Ant-Head: A Love Story!

-Budgie Bigelow

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