Budgie’s Journal #151 – 100k

Good morning, Budgie fans and casual acquaintances. I’m nothing if not humble in my milestone bragging.

Those of you in the know have been keeping up with my various projects and books. Yes, Ant-Head: A Love Story is only twelve days away, but I want to brag about my following two releases.

I’m in Sci-fi Hell and I’m Still in Sci-fi Hell are the two books I want to have out this summer. Recently, I hit a hundred thousand words between the two of them.

I’ve been hitting the second of the two books hard since I finished the final draft of Ant-Head, I’ve come at last to the climax of the story. I’ll have my first draft completed and off to be beta read soon, and I’ll work on the second draft of the first book. I look forward to going back to the beginning of my two-part tale of Century City detective Ray Samson and his sci-fi world.

I’ll end this little exercise in anti-modesty here. Don’t forget to check out Ant-Head: A Love Story on 4/17 on Amazon!

Watch out for those reptiles too…

-Budgie Bigelow

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