Budgie’s Journal #150 – Two Weeks ’til Ant-Head!

I’m two weeks away from publishing my newest book Ant-Head: A Love Story. Well, it’s thirteen days, but I forgot to post this yesterday.

Joe Plume is the star of Ant-Head, and he’s also the narrator. He’s been guest-tweeting for me over the course of the last couple of weeks too, posting gems like this:

“The Rosanne reboot has the potential to bomb as bad as the final season of Rosanne.

I had a lot of fun creating Joe, my sitcom-obsessed partner in crime. His love story focuses on a new relationship with a woman at work named Tammy and the budding of new romance. But what does Joe, an introverted fan fiction writer, know about love? On top of being a relationship noob, Tammy has a son, and she was present the day Joe was dubbed Ant-Head, way back in middle school, only Tammy doesn’t know this.

Can Joe get out of his head long enough to keep Tammy and her son happy? Can he stop comparing his life to a sitcom for more than ten seconds? Will he be able to hang onto what he never thought he was missing before meeting Tammy?

Find out on Tuesday, 4/17 when Ant-Head: A Love Story drops on Amazon in digital and paperback!

Also, Joe will be guest blogging here soon, and we’ll be doing a book giveaway through Twitter… Follow me there: @BudgieBigelow. More hot Ant-Head news is coming!

-Budgie Bigelow

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