Budgie’s Journal #149 – Don’t Forget to Put the Seat Down

Pardon the title. I felt like journaling this morning, and KJ Marshall told me to write something about putting toilet seats down before you sit. She’s a wild one, that protege of mine.

So what did I want to write today on this, the journal within my blog. An update? Some Monday motivation? Writing advice? Random snippets of a time long gone?

All or none of the above?

Let me start by thanking you for sticking with my Easter ramblings from yesterday. I’m not sure if anyone even read my post about Jesus Christ, Easter, and Ostara, but here it is one last time if you missed it and are curious about my views on religion:

Jesus was a man, Ostara, and Remembering the Old Ways

For a tiny update: Ant-Head is on schedule, I’m in Sci-Fi Hell (books 1 and 2) are in the workshop, and The Whore Ghosts of the Admiral Inn is on deck, waiting for me to come back to it. If I keep on this pace, I’ll complete my goals for 2018!

But there are life’s little distractions: the real job, relationships, hardships to overcome, chores, etcetera…

But here comes the motivation portion of this Monday post, allowing me to use the #MondayMotivation tag, guilt free!

Power through, like we always do. Sometimes this writing gig gets stressful; especially when you’re two weeks away from a book release, but we got this. It’s not about the sales, it’s about the experience, being able to say: “That’s my mother fucking book. I wrote that mother fucker.” If you love your characters and their adventure, your readers will too (assuming you don’t suck at putting together your story).

So there’s your motivation and advice rolled into one paragraph… Two birds and all that.

I think that’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for the season finale of Freedom Lane tomorrow night and the release of Ant-Head: A Love Story on the seventeenth.

Stay motivated.

-Budgie Bigeloe

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