Prompt as Hell with KJ and Budgie #7 – High on Life and Legal Marijuana

KJ and I give each other writing prompts each Wednesday, and we have to write a piece based on that prompt, no matter what it is. We are not allowed to reveal the prompts.

This is Prompt as Hell with KJ Marshall and Budgie Bigelow.

Episode 7 – High on Life and Legal Marijuana

It was cloudy, but the sun’s radiant smile shone through the cracks like rays of God’s love. Kenny stepped outside into the beauty of the day, feeling high on life; life and legalized marijuana.

There was a song in Kenny’s heart and a skip in his step. He walked south, heading past the elementary school. The kids were playing, and he couldn’t help but watch, absorbing their happiness to compliment his high. He felt like the playground was in his head, and the laughter of the children mirrored that inside of him.

Weed was finally legal, and life was good.

After watching the children jump, swing, slide, run, and climb about the playground, Kenny moved on, feeling a powerful need for something to eat. It was a short walk to the corner deli, and the day was ripe for an old fashion walk through the neighborhood. The birds where singing, the trees were rustling and sending their energy into the sky, and everyone Kenny passed gave him a friendly wave when they saw his smile.

The corner store smelled like lemons, and it had everything Kenny wanted: Slim Jims, Twinkies, iced coffee, Choco Tacos, and Cool Ranch Doritos. He grabbed all of it, piling it on the counter. The middle eastern cashier was the only object in the universe not smiling, but he never did.

“Wait,” Kenny said, adding a package of Twizzlers to his pile of goodies. The cashier scanned it. He told Kenny the total, but he didn’t understand the numbers. He handed over his card.

The cashier finished the transaction, and Kenny left into the early afternoon, happy the stressful activity of buying snacks was over. He walked back home to eat his snacks, pack another bowl of perfectly legal weed, and love the fuck out of life.

The End

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