Budgie’s Journal #144 – 25,000 Words!

It’s been a while since I’ve popped on here to brag about an accomplishment, and I figured it’s about time. That, and I’ve hit twenty-five thousand words on my first draft of I’m Still in Sci-fi Hell!

For those unfamiliar (which is a lot of people), I’ve been working on a two-part sci-fi satire called I’m in Sci-fi Hell and I’m Still in Sci-fi Hell respectively. I started these last year, and I’m proud to announce this word count, bringing my total for both books to around eighty thousand so far.

The first of the two is written and has been beta read. Once I finish the second, I’ll go back and work on my second draft while book two is read and disected. I originally planned one book, but the adventure became too big and had to be split. There’s just too much to do in a world where anything sci-fi can happen!

I’m in Sci-fi Hell follows a city detective who embarks on a case to find a mad scientist after finding an unfinished inter-dimensional bridge in an old service station. The case goes from odd to completely off the chain, and Detective Samson ends up travelling to the ends of his own personal sci-fi Hell to stop the missing scientist from destroying the planet.

I’m planning for a dual release this summer, followed by The Ghost Whores of the Admiral Inn by Halloweeen if the planets align. And stay tuned for Ant-Head: A Love Story, out in mid-April!

That’s all I have for my Monday morning update. Wheels are turning and heads are spinning. Thanks for reading, and stick around!

-Budgie Bigelow

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