Budgie’s Journal #141 – The True Face of Twitter

Last week, I blasted Twitter on this very blog soon after my week-long suspension began after I jumped into a gun control debate with a glorified sex-worker and called her a bad word. In that post, I described Twitter as “sociopathic anarchists” with no hint of sarcasm. I’m back on this subject to tell you that I believe this more now than I did a week ago.

I just deleted four paragraphs worth of me bitching about my recent “targeted harassment” suspension and why it’s bullshit, but that’s not why I’m here. You already know my suspension is bullshit. You want me to reveal Twitter’s hidden face.

If you do want to read my post-suspension rant; you can do so by clicking here.

My term holds water. Twitter, as an entity, is a sociopathic anarchist. Let’s also add “opportunistic whore” to the list. As of right now, I’d describe Twitter as a right-leaning, sociopathic anarchist and an opportunistic whore. That sounds about right.

Look to our celebrity president if you want proof of this. We have our first troll president, and Twitter couldn’t be happier. When called to comment on why Trump is allowed to continually break the Twitter terms of service agreement with his threats and targeted harassment (the very thing for which I’m currently suspended), they said it’s allowed because he’s a “news maker.”

No, Twitter. It’s because it’s a four-year term of free advertising for you. Every time Trump spews bullshit from his White House toilet, it’s another story on every news network with that little blue bird pasted on the screen.

Let’s not discount why Donny is even sitting on the oval office toilet, tweeting during his morning dump. Social media played a huge role in the 2016 election. I’m not going to get into who did what and who should be in jail for it, but it’s more than evident from where I’m sitting that the president of the United States was decided via social media. I even joked about it on Facebook, claiming I’d vote for the side with the funnier memes.

This whole situation is beyond thunderdome; so ridiculous it defies any sense of rational thought or logic whatsoever. Twitter is orally servicing the right while anally enraging the left. They’ve found a perfect equilibrium to spread discourse, something politicians on both sides secretly love. Don’t forget they did the opposite while Obama was in office, only it wasn’t as pronounced as it is now.

We’re divided, and it’s more evident than ever before. Both sides are being equally ridiculous, and the sheep are being herded to their predisposed fields to graze on the grass of melancholy matters, voting how those they follow on Twitter tell them to vote, and arguing about the topics they say should upset them.

The most recent news is Twitter’s purge of the Russian bots who have been accused of pushing right-wing issues and accounts. Conservative groups, politicians, and tweeters were outraged that their precious bots were targeted and deleted. Even the right-wing porn actress who had me suspended for calling her a bad word was posting about a loss of hundreds of followers once the purge took place in the dead of night.

Some will tell you that this news disproves my “crazy” theory, but I’ll tell you otherwise. Was Twitter really trying to clean up their system, or where they covering something up? Maybe they were just tying up loose ends. Maybe the Russian bots had run their course, and they were no longer an asset to those who wanted them. Maybe they went too far and got themselves exposed and had to be wiped clear.

I’ve said too much. It may be a mistake posting this while my account has less than twenty-four hours left until it’s reinstatement. I probably shouldn’t rock the boat before it’s put back into the water. If this is a conspiracy against the American people, it goes deep…

Only one thing is certain: trust no one, especially right-porn actresses on Twitter…

Budgie Bigelow

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