Budgie’s Journal #140 – The Blackout Continues

I’m still suspended from tweeting until Friday. Twitter emailed me to ensure me I can return after my seven day hiatus. As corny as it sounds, I kind of miss dropping small bits of nonsense into the social media universe, and I don’t use Facebook often enough to post status updates as often as I tweet. So here are a bunch of random Budgie nonsense to help us both through my Twitter blackout.

You’re not always as good as people say you are. They’re just being nice, and you need meaner friends.

Being a nobody can be enlightening.

Don’t tell me to watch a show and tell me spoilers right after.

Rushing through your project something increases the chances of it sucking.

You shouldn’t dole out advice if you suck at accepting it.

The sun finally peeked through the clouds, but it’s unlikely to pierce the dull gray in my mind.

My eight-year-old daughter absorbed too much of my personality, and now she’s unstoppable.

It’s mint tea o’clock (ten fifty AM).

If auto-correct was a person, I’d be plotting their murder.

I wonder if Twitter will ban me for advertising my book “The Whore Ghosts of the Admiral Inn” since “whore” is the word that got me suspended.

I’m convinced the people who still wholeheartedly support Trump and the far right have trolled so long they’ve gotten stuck in a rut, and they have no hopes of ever returning to the surface.

Someone messed with my mirrors.

Sentences should flow. Making your reader re-read something to understand it is counter-productive to being a good writer.

Big words make you sound smart but can make your readers feel dumb. You’re not writing a textbook on Shakespeare and cold fusion.

I’ll be editing old Freedom Lane episodes on the toilet thanks to KJ.

My co-workers are intent on ruining Black Panther for me, and they’ll be sorry when they succeed.

Porn stars are sex workers.

I’ve been spending my nights with that special no one in my life.

Comma usage can be subjective.

It’s hard to know when to end a list of random quotes.

-Budgie Bigelow

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