Budgie’s Journal #136 – Unmotivated Monday

It’s Monday. That reminder is for those of you without a calendar or shut off the date and time function on your phone. For some bloggers, Facebook status updaters, tweeters, or Instagrammers, it’s #MotivationMonday.

So where’s mine?

I never have anything to say on Mondays. I don’t even try to hide my disdain when someone gives me a “happy Monday” or a groan about this particular day of the week. I barely even text or interact online. I’m forcing myself to write this to break the cycle!

So help me out. Tweet me some puppy gifs. Drop me a happy line on messenger. Brighten up my cold and dreary day. Help me get motivated to dispel this rotten energy that’s hanging out behind my stomach.

Just don’t mention the day of the week.

I can’t be the only one. Let’s help each other out… I have plenty to say if I can break this block.

-Budgie Bigelow


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