Prompt as Hell with KJ and Budgie #2 – Bad Habit

KJ and I give each other writing prompts each Wednesday, and we have to write a piece based on that prompt, no matter what it is. We are not allowed to reveal the prompts.

This is Prompt as Hell with KJ Marshall and Budgie Bigelow.


Bad Habit
by Budgie Bigelow

The date went well, better than well based on Budgie’s estimation. He wasn’t sure about taking Christian up on his offer after their chance meeting online, but he was glad he did. They had a nice meal in a not-so-crowded Italian restaurant, and the conversation flowed. When the date was at its inevitable end, Christian had invited Budgie to his house for coffee.

“How do you like it?” Christian asked, standing in his kitchen of his condo, holding a French press.

“Just a little half-and-half,” Budgie replied. He had an idea of what “coffee” really meant, and he was nervous. He hadn’t had many dates lately, and he ended up really liking Christian, with his almost-toned features and pleasant demeanor.

“No problem,” Christian said, pouring two steaming mugs of coffee. He added a splash of half-and-half to both of them and spooned a bit of sugar into only his. He walked into the den and handed Budgie one of them.

“Thanks,” Budgie said, taking a sip. “I had a great time tonight.”

“Me too,” Christian said. “I’m glad you came out.”

Budgie looked into Christian’s handsome, smiling face. He put his coffee on the table and moved in for a kiss. Christian didn’t protest, pressing his lips against Budgie’s. The two stayed that way for a bit, enjoying each other on the couch.

“I really like you,” Christian said, breaking of the kiss and putting his arm around Budgie’s shoulders.

“I can tell,” Budgie replied. “I like you too.”

“I don’t want to be too forward,” Christian said, “but I want you to stay a while.”

“OK,” Budgie said. “I can do that.”

The two kissed a little more before Christian broke it off again. “There’s actually something else,” he said. “Can I show you?”

“OK,” Budgie replied. The question had made him nervous. He knew enough about how fucked up the world could be to know that Christian may be too good to be true. He also started to think paranoid thoughts about what kind of weapon he wanted to “show” him.

“I’ll be right back, lover,” Christian said, giving Budgie one more kiss before leaving the room.

Minutes passed as Budgie waited, wondering what Christian was doing. He stirred uneasy on the couch, making sure he was ready to run toward the front door if he needed to. Christian returned, and Budgie found he was not at all prepared for what his new boyfriend had in store for him.

“I’ve been a bad sister,” Christian said, wearing a nun’s habit, complete with the hood and everything. He wore a large wooden cross and held a book in his hands. Budgie’s blood froze when he realized it was one of his.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Budgie exclaimed.

“You don’t like a little kink?” Christian asked.

“I’m OK with a little kink,” Budgie replied, “but this is way past the line I’m used to. What the hell are you thinking, wearing a getup like that?”

“I want you to spank me with your book,” Christian replied. He held out the paperback book he had when he emerged from his room. It was Blood Drive, a book Budgie had self-published some time ago. “I ordered it from Amazon when we made the date. I got two-day shipping and everything.

“I am not spanking you with my book,” Budgie said.

“Why not?” Christian asked.

“It’s a little weird,” Budgie said. “Wait until you’re dating someone and comfortable, then start bringing the fetish up, little by little.”

“Oh,” Christian said, looking away. “I thought you were different.”

Budgie sighed. “Look,” he said. “Why don’t I head home and pretend this nun thing never happened.”

“Can we go out again?” Christian asked, looking back toward Budgie.

“Maybe,” Budgie said with a shrug. Good guys were hard to come by it seemed, and he wasn’t shy when it came to kinky behavior. It was just too soon for something so weird. “But save the fetish stuff for later, OK?”

“OK,” Christian replied. “Like three dates?”

“Like three hundred maybe,” Budgie said. “I’ll text you later.”

“OK,” Christian said. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Budgie said. He left Christian’s condo without a kiss or any other physical contact. He got in his car and drove home, shaking his head. “What a nut,” he said. Then, something dawned on him. “Holy shit! Sister Christian! HA!”

The End


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