Budgie’s Journal #134 – WIP Wednesday 18: Drafts and Proofs

Welcome, Budgie fans, to my weekly update! I’ll keep it brief today, as I’ve been plugging away at my projects I spoke about last week: Askharoth and Ant-Head: A Love Story.

I have my proof of my first novel, Askharoth, in hand, and I’ve been re-reading for the fourth or fifth time, making sure that it’s perfect before releasing it as a paperback. I’m near the end of the first of three parts, and there’s not many problems.

There are issues with the paperback cover, being that it was created four years ago for digital release only, and the original art files may have been lost. Worst case scenario; we end up with a black border on the front. It won’t be perfect, but at least I can keep the original artwork.

I’m hoping to have this added to my growing collection of paperbacks next week. Maybe I’ll work on Envy next…

Ant-Head: A Love Story is next on my list for WIP Wednesday. I finished my second draft. You heard right! This will be shirt novel about a sitcom-obsessed fan fiction writer who finds love with someone who doesn’t know she’s from his checkered past. Ant-Head is my first romantic comedy since Desperately Seeking Shemale, and it hasn’t disappointed my beta readers. This will be my first dual paperback/digital release. I’m hoping to have this out in Spring.

I also want to give Freedom Lane a shout here. Season 13 premieres on this site in just six days, and it’s full of everything you love about Freedom Lane! That’s all I’ll say for now… Look for last night’s post for more details.

Click here for last night’s post.

That’s all the WIP Wednesday goodies I have. Stay tuned for tonight, where I’ll post the second Prompt as Hell with KJ and Budgie! We’ve given each other our prompts, and the challenges have been issued! Look for it today and every Wednesday!

Click here to read last week’s Prompt as Hell.

I’ll be seeing you, Budgie fans!

-Budgie Bigelow

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