Budgie’s Journal #133 – Tuesday Nights are for Freedom Lane

You heard right. Freedom Lane will be returning a week from tonight with season 13! What can you expect from the thirteenth season? The Garcia brothers open their own bodega to Paulie’s chagrin, Da’Quarius gets his very own stalker, Tony wants to join a country club, Helen and Harold try to out-mourn each other, Rose and Paulie get into a tiff, Helen challenges a local celebrity to a duel of wits, and much more!

Click here for seasons 1-12!

Join the whole gang for a whole new season of laughs, lessons, thrills, chills, and pizza. Da’Quarius, Helen, Rose, Paulie, Tony, and all the rest are back for another set of episodes!

Stay tuned!

-Budgie Bigelow


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