Budgie’s Journal #128 – The Theraputic Joy of the Short Story

I’ve written dozens of short stories. I’ve lost count of how many. Some I’ve published in my Dusk collections, some are posted to my site, and some have never been read by anyone.

So what’s the big deal about a short story?

I love them. I love writing them, and I love reading them. They don’t have to be over-analyzed or super detailed. They don’t even have to be a full story if you don’t want them to be. They can just be a glimpse of a bigger story, letting your reader’s imagination come up with rest. The can stand alone, be part of a series, or they can be a prelude to something bigger.

I’ve written short stories out of my own mind mostly, but I’ve been offered ideas from others. I’ve written a few short stories from real events in people’s lives too. I’ve even twisted some fan fiction around for the sake of an amusing story.

You don’t need to be genre specific, stick to your regular themes, or color within the lines. It’s your creation. Start in the middle. Finish at the beginning. Go off on a tangent and never return. Do a hundred words. Do a few thousand. Who the hell cares?!

I wrote one over the course of the last three days called Chickie and the Candy House. It’s a fairy tale parody of sorts, told in just twenty-four-hundred words. It’s a quick, yet satisfying tale, and I had fun writing it. I don’t know how and when I’ll share it, but I will at some point.

I also beta-read a short story called Cro-Magnon Man for my writing buddy KJ Marshall, and I had fun with her tale too. Most of the indie authors I follow are so focused on writing their novels they neglect the joy in taking a short break from long-form writing and revelling in a piece of short fiction. KJ gets it, as do I. So do a handful of others; Matt Star, Harbingerr, and Sari to name a few.

That’s all I have to say on the subject of the short story. Imagine the irony if I droned on and on about something meant to be short and sweet…

-Budgie Bigelow


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