Budgie’s Journal #126 – Writers Being Corny

Indie writers are corny. There… I said it. This piece has been floating around in my mind for a while now. The first thing you should take away is that I’m a hypocrite, being corny myself at times. I do some of these things myself. You’ve probably seen and ignored my WIP Wednesday posts on the weeks I remember to do them. I’m also a big fan of Writing Sprints.

So here’s a short list I compiled of those corny things indie writers do.

“You Should be Writing” memes

The “You should be writing” memes pop up mostly on Facebook, urging writers to stop scrolling and write something. Maybe you should be writing instead of making memes.

WIP Wednesday

I’ve taken part in this corny junk myself, in the privacy of my own blog. For those who don’t know: WIP stands for “work in progress”, meaning we take Wednesday as an opportunity to inform others what our current projects are and how we are doing on them. Some people care…

Hashtag Games / Chats

There are a ton of these on Twitter; at least one every night of the week. You’ll see people using a hashtag like #HashtagChat or something similar. I took part in one last night. It was fun, but incredibly corny.

Talking about your characters like they’re your kids or something

This is something I see often: “Gilbert is allergic to seafood, so he takes his date out for hotdogs. lol.” This is one I don’t normally do myself. I understand the want to present your characters like they’re real, but it comes off as corny if I’m not already familiar with the work.

Finally: Fad Advice

This is a topic I’ve been meaning to cover for a while, but I never got around to it. Fad advice is exactly what it sounds like: advice to writers from writers that’s posted and set to repeat. Most of them are taken directly from On Writing by Stephen King.

“Don’t use words like ‘very’ or ‘that’.”

“To be a better writer; be a better reader.”

“Don’t use adverbs.”

“You should be writing.”

All of it’s sound advice, really, but it loses its effect when drummed on repeatedly throughout the day on social media. Please, don’t even dabble in fad advice, not even once.

In conclusion, indie writers are corny people, myself included. Is there anything I missed or a corny quirk that annoys you? Leave a comment.

-Budgie Bigelow

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