Budgie’s Journal #125 – WIP Wednesday 16: Paperback Edition

Pardon me while I sift through the pieces of this last week. I forgot to mention I’ve also suffered from a bout of paperback madness. I’ll dedicate my WIP Wednesday post to that.

I missed a major update to the Amazon Kindle publishing program: they made paperback publishing easier. Granted, CreateSpace (owned by Amazon) already had this;but I was intimidated by the formatting and interface, and I scurried away to publish only digitally.

Years later, I noticed Amazon now had an option for a small-time, independent author like me to publish in paperback. So I started the process and read a bunch of tutorials on formatting. There was a lot of trial and error with margins, spacing, and cover art, but I figured it out, and I ordered my first set of proofs: Blood Drive and Dusk Volume 2.

And I still made a flop or three. See the cover of Dusk on the left? Between that and some spacing issues with the story titles, it was a miss. As of today, I’m waiting on a second print to review.

Blood Drive needed some more formatting (it somehow contained blank pages), but it was easier to fix, so I made the changes and hit the publish button. It’s now available in paperback, making it my first!

Click here to check it out!!

Yesterday, I received my proof of Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space, and I’ve started going through it, nitpicking those tiny formatting issues that are clear as day in print. I’ll hopefully have this ready by the weekend and start the ball rolling.

I have to admit; it feels good to have these in hand, even if they’re just proof copies. Self-publishing digitally was an accomplishment for me, but having something to hold is a hundred times more fulfilling. I’ve been told by more than a few fans that they’d rather spend more on a paperback they can hold and keep rather than an ebook.

In an effort to give myself so much side-work my head spins, I started whittling down Askharoth, my first ever novel, to also present it in paperback. By “whittle down” I mean I cut the prelude (it appears in Dusk Volume 1), dump the chapter art and poetry (it was way too much and came off as page-filler), and lost the afterword (it was way too long).

What can I say? I was a bit overzealous in my beginnings. This newer version will be lighter, flow better, and still pack the punch it was intended to pack. It may be out next month sometime once it’s good to go and i can review. This is a big one.

But I’ve lost digital manuscripts, six of them, thanks to computer issues. That means not all of my books may make it to paperback format unless I can either recover or re-edit the manuscripts, and that would indeed be a tremendous undertaking.

My next book, Ant-Head: A Love Story, will be my first dual release as both a digital and paperback book. I’ll make damn sure it happens that way too! Stay tuned!

But for now, let’s get all of our hopes and dreams on paper!

-Budgie Bigelow

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