Budgie’s Journal #123 – Ever the Corporate Stooge

How would describe yourself? Does “a brown-noser so good at his craft that he knows how to do it to the point his corporate overlords don’t even know he’s kneeling behind him” ring true for you? I hope not. If so, I was describing you to a co-worker this morning.

Those of you who know me know that writing is my hobby. It’s more than that, but it doesn’t exactly pay my bills. I work a day job, and my company is owned by a bigger company who is owned by an even bigger company. We have more high-level managers than some companies have employees. I heard the term “presidents” used today to describe the tippy-top of our overpaid echelon.

Presidents. Plural. I thought the title of President meant you were in charge. But corporations have their own language, and being President here means you’re on a team of presidents.

This may be the most boring topic I’ve ever tackled here, and a part of my life I’m not too keen on talking about. But this is America, home of the Corporate Overlords, gobbling up money, land, resources, and people.

I lost my train of thought…

I walked out of a meeting today, and I knew I’d rather be somewhere quiet, reading, writing, or editing. That’s just how it is, though. I got mouths to pay and bills to feed, like everyone. Normally these management-centric meetings don’t bother me. I don’t know why they believe a low-end peon like me cares that my boss’s boss is going to have a new boss. I waited long enough to hear that my job is safe and unaffected (around the fourteen minute mark) and left.

Sure, it’s good to be informed, but as long as I get my paycheck I don’t care who’s signing it.

I don’t know why I’m bitching. It’s eight hours, regardless of whether I’m doing my job or listening to brown-nosers drone on and on, using grammar so terrible it makes me wonder how many times they had to re-take remedial English in grade school. 

Work isn’t supposed to be rewarding and fulfilling. If it was, they’d call it something else. I wish I can tack on a happy ending here, so you’ll have to deal with a mediocre one, just like my workday.

Keep reaching for those fluorescent stars…

-Budgie Bigelow

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