New Release: Dusk, Volume 2


Good evening. I have the distinct pleasure to announce that Dusk, Volume 2 is now available on Amazon for digital download. I also have the pleasure of announcing that this will soon be available in paperback form along with Blood Drive in the coming weeks.

Dusk, Volume 2 contains twelve short stories by author Budgie Bigelow and a introduction by Harbingerr called Day Zero.

You can get this from Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app by following this link:

Click here for Dusk, Volume 2!


As daylight dies, the world revels in its dusk.

What awaits as the sun dips below the horizon? A woman faces the monster from her past. A teenage boy is gifted the perfect killing machine. An ancient demon longs to break free from its prison within another’s flesh. A man travels through his own memories to save the woman he once loved. A man dines with a malevolent yet gracious demon, playing a game of verbal chess with more than just his life on the line.

Deceit, revenge, dark comedy, bloodshed, and glory are all present in the stories contained within this collection. Visit a world that exists parallel to our own, see the memories contained within a demented mind, and enter a version of America decimated by demonic forces.

Budgie Bigelow returns with his second collection of short fiction, bringing you deeper into the world of his imagination. Enter a dark circus of macabre delights, where demons walk the streets, time is a malleable construct, and death is merely a doorway. Do you dare look to see what’s behind the sun as it sets toward the west?

Dusk, Volume 2 includes stories inspired by true events, vivid dreams, and everything in between. Stories include Father of the Steam Age, Edison, The Phantom Puppeteer, We Were Promised Pokémon in the Real World, Dinner with a Demon, and much more. Also included is an introduction by the talented Harbingerr: a twisted tale called “Day Zero”.

Cover by Dan Civitella


Click here for Dusk, Volume 2!


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