Budgie’s Journal #121 – Blurb Block

Why am I having blurb block? I wrote the book, so why should I have trouble describing it? I can call it what it literally is: a collection of short fiction. Sure, that’s in there. I can use fancy phrases like “a dark circus of macabre delights” too. That’s actually not bad.

I’m talking about Dusk Volume 2, which releases in just four days. I’m setting up my Amazon page, and I’m stuck on page one of three with the book description or blurb.

I can’t describe every book in the collection. That’s like beating my readers over the head with info dumps. Keeping it simple and provocative is the key, like saying it’s tales of demons, revenge, etcetera.

I’d say a book with a single plot and characters is easier, but there’s still that log in the road that slows my progress. I worked hard in this book, and the people who helped with art / editing / intro believe enough as an indie author in me to put their own stamp on it.

I’ll keep it simple and sweet, tell people it’s dark circus of macabre delights, and give a brief glimpse of some of the stories within.

Thank you. This has been therapeutic.

-Budgie Bigelow


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