Budgie’s Journal #120 – WIP Wednesday 15: Four out of Five

Good morning, Budgie fans. I figured I’d write a quick update on my current works in progress seeing as this is WIP Wednesday after all.

There’s six days to my next release, Dusk Volume 2, a collection of short fiction. I’ll be putting together the Amazon page this week. This collection of stories comes from a dark yet interesting place, and even features some work by the talented Harbingerr for the book’s intro.

Last night I finished Ant-Head, one of the four other books I have planned to put out this year. I’m in Sci-Fi Hell is also done along with The Whore Ghosts of the Admiral Inn. The only draft that’s still technically a work in progress is I’m Still in Sci-Fi Hell, book two of the Sci-Fi Hell series.

So that puts me at four out of five first drafts completed (and one final short fiction collection). That’s some decent numbers, seeing as I came up with the book ideas on the fly last year. I’m not doing that again, though. That many projects at once was crazy. Now I just have to wait on my beta readers and see what they think before getting the second drafts done. 

And while I’m second and third drafting this year, I want to look back into doing a Steam Age book (based on my old Roland Hawthorne story) and start on my untitled Blood Drive sequel. That’s right, even with my life in shambles I never stop working.

Keep reading and never stop drafting.

-Budgie Bigelow

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