Budgie’s Journal #115 – Christmas Programming

My Facebook memories have been mostly my Christmas stories/episodes from the last few years. I actually didn’t do a new Christmas tale this year, so I’ll pop what I do have here so can peruse at your leisure.



Your family’s elf has a new job!

The Elf on the Shelf Gets a Job at the NSA: A New Government Tradition 


Da’Quarius has his first Christmas with his adoptive mothers in the first Freedom Lane Christmas special from season 3.

Merry Christmas Da’Quarius Sherman!


The second Freedom Lane Christmas special is told in three parts: It’s a Not So Miserable Life, A Very Fuchs Christmas, and Merry Christmas Lotasha Sherman!

Freedom Lane Three-Part Christmas Special


All aboard! The Christmas Meat Train is leaving the station. Take part in the ride via this collection of micro tales with special guest authors Jim Watts and Harbinger.

The Christmas Meat Train 


This is more of a New Years read, the prologue and climax taking part on New Years Eve, 2015. Join the newsmakers of that year: the trans-racial woman, the guy who killed the lion, the woman who refused to give gay people marriage licenses, the subway spokesperson who turned out to be a child molester, and that kid who brought a homemade “clock” to school. They come together in this spectacular actioner.

The League of Unimpressive People 


Happy Yule!

-Budgie Bigelow

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