Budgie’s Journal #113 – Plowing Straight into 2018

I’ve said it before: 2017 was an odd one to put it lightly. It had it’s ups and downs in both my personal and writing lives. But I feel like I’ve finally struck a balance in my personal life thanks to the support of my friends and the love of an incredibly amazing woman.

But for now I’m going to focus on plowing straight into next year. 

It’s been a week since I’ve updated this blog. I know… you’ve been worried that there’s been no Budgie’s Journal fix, and you’re fiending for it. Or maybe you think I’m actually in a good place and my lack of updating is because I’m floating around on a cloud somewhere above my own mind. I can make a case for that… I’m a happy guy lately. 

I’ve been on this earth a while now, and I’ve become wiser in my middle age (or as I approach it). I’m following my heart and gut, and they’ve brought me somewhere special, someplace I hadn’t known existed. 

I’m excited for my upcoming projects too. I have so much good stuff to share with you, my avid readers. I won’t bog down this post with details of everything I want to write and publish in 2018, but you will not be disappointed. It’s going to be a banner year for this dark humorist. 

So as I close this short yet sweet post, I once again apologize for keeping quiet this last week. It doesn’t suit me to have nothing to say or share. I’m off of work to spend Christmas break with my little one next week, so I’ll try and sneak in some blog time. 

Happy Yule!

-Budgie Bigelow

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