Budgie’s Journal #112 – The End of Freedom Lane

It’s over… It’s all over!!

Not completely. The latest season of Freedom Lane, Season 12, ended this past Tuesday night with the finale Da’Quarius Sees a Gynocologist. The finales are always bittersweet for me. I’m glad I can look back at a job well done, but I’m sorry to see the characters go for a few months.

But this is by no means the end of the series. I’m already working on Season 13, and I’ve written the opener and the following episode. I’ll probably premiere it around the first week of March.

I have more to go, a lot more. My master outline is still full of unwritten episodes, and we’re coming up with new ideas all the time. Freedom Lane won’t end until I say it ends!

If you’re unfamiliar with the sitcom, it’s about an elderly lesbian couple, Rose and Helen Masters, who adopt a black tween, Da’Quarius, after their adoption paperwork is lost for twenty-something years. Throw in a pizzeria and its wise yet unconventional owner, a dozen or so side characters, and the back drop of New Haven and you’ve got Freedom Lane in one big-ass nutshell.

I love this show. I have since BluntSharpness and I first started it with a mock season on six episodes of a sitcom in short story form. We kept it going for eleven more seasons and two books, and it gets better every time I come back to it.

Sorry for the gushing. I’m in love with this project, and I have a lot of fun writing it. I always have since day one. I’m happy people still keep up with the characters, and I’m happier when I can drag new readers into it. I promise to keep it going as long as it’s fun, and I can’t ever see it not being that way.

So here’s to twelve more seasons (maybe), and one big-ass book in the end!

Check out Freedom Lane here if i put the bug in your mind:

Click here for Freedom Lane!
-Budgie Bigelow

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