Budgie’s Journal #107 – Sci-fi Hell: Complete

You read that right. It’s Monday morning, and I’ve completed the first draft of my action-comedy I’m in Sci-fi Hell. I thought for sure Ant-Head would be done first, but this book edged it out.

This is one of the books slated for next year that came to me out of nowhere. I had the idea to put a regular, surly detective into a world where anything sci-fi can and does happen. I built the world and the plot around him, and I wrote his story.

This is also part one of a two-part series. The story got too huge, and I decided to split it up. Book one is really in four different parts if you’re counting, and book two will be the same way. I found a good place to split the story, and part one is well over 50k words on its own.

Depending on how 2018 plays out, Sci-fi Hell will probably be my eleventh release. It’s in the beta-reading stage now, so there’s still more work to be done before this one drops.

I’m done tooting my own horn over this book. I’ll share more as usual. Happy Monday!

-Budgie Bigelow


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