Budgie’s Journal #106 – WIP Wednesday 13: Whatever I’m Working on… Ant-Head Mostly

I almost forgot that today is Wednesday with the long weekend coming up. I guess I can spare you the same update from last week even though I’m working on the same projects. 

I’m gearing up to the final chapters of Ant-Head: A Love Story. Ant-Head is the tale of Joe Plume, fan fiction writer. He lives a life full of loneliness and sitcoms until a woman from his past named Tammy shows up and shakes everything up on him.

This is set to be a novella, and the first draft will probably be done in the coming weeks. This is a really enjoyable and relatable story, the romance being far out of the norm for me, but the comedy is that dark humor I’m used to writing. I’m thinking a lot of people will enjoy this book and it’s antagonist.

I’m also working on Freedom Lane (which I know is late again). Tonight’s episode features a confederate statue, kneeling during anthems, and Nazi punching. It’s all inspired by real events (duh), and I strongly suggest you read it when I post it later tonight.

The rest of season 12 is great too, and the final three episodes are on their way. Tony deals with his cancer, Helen rekindles an old passion, and Da’Quarius finds forbidden love. It’s a roller coaster, but Freedom Lane always is.

My other books are coming along too. I’m in Sci-fi Hell (book one anyway) is close to the last part, and The Whore Ghosts of the Admirisl Inn is somewhere around 50%. I’ll keep updating as progress is made.

And my quality of life is improving, the WIP that it is as well. I’m writing like a writer possessed, and that’s a good thing considering it all went to pieces not too long ago. Luckily I’ve bounced back, and I’m sure you’ll notice in my work, here and otherwise.

That’s it… If I don’t update again have a great Thanksgiving!

-Budgie Bigelow

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