Budgie’s Journal #98 – Spooky Pookie

Fellow indie author KT Daxon is making me do this. I don’t want to, but she insists it’s fun. Oh well… I’ll rise to the occasion I guess.


1. Are you a scaredy cat or a horror aficionado?

I’ve written plenty of stuff that would be considered “horror”, so…

2. Would you ever consider writing a horror novel?

See answer to question 1.

3. What is your favorite bookish costume you’ve ever worn?

One time I dressed as a giant book. It was insane.

4. What is the best bookish costume you’ve seen someone else wear?

Someone dressed as two books. I was blown away. Made my book costume look like crap.

5. What literary villain is your favorite?

The Green Goblin. I’m talking the classic Green Goblin that killed Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man comics.

6. Will you be visiting a haunted house this year?

For real or a cheesy parody where teenagers in costumes jump-scare you? Either way, no.

7. Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go Trick-or-Treating?

It’s creepy if I went trick-or-treating at my age, so I’ll have to say party.

8. What’s the best Halloween song?

“Halloween” by the band “Halloween”.

9. What scares you the most about the writing process?

Being murdered in my sleep.

10. Monster Mash – If you had to say your antagonist was a mix of two traditional monsters what would those be?

Adolph Hitler and Cthulu.

11. Would your MC be more scared of being left alone in a dark forest or an abandoned castle?

Does he look scared of anything?

12. Does anyone in your WIP believe in ghosts?


Also, I miss parachute pants.

13. What character would last the longest in a scary movie?

This question is designed to make me look racist, and I refuse to answer.

14. Good witch or bad witch – do you enjoy torturing the characters in your WIP or do you feel bad about it?

If the CIA is allowed to torture why can’t I?

15. Pick a love interest from your WIP: would they be most likely to scream like a little kid or punch someone in the face if they were scared abruptly?

Who’s love interest? Mine? I’m married, thank you very much. 


I hope you were enlightened reading this as I was writing it. 

Bye for now!

– Budgie Bigelow 


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