Blood Drive Preview

What happens when two vampires with a van of stolen blood, their werewolf bodyguard, and an armed and dangerous priest try to make their way across America?
You get Blood Drive, the latest book by Budgie Bigelow.


Humans have always played the game of predator and prey, but they’ve been mostly wrong about their part in it, unknowing of those who hunt them in the night, feeding on their blood. They are hidden in plain sight, dismissed as fictitious, their ever-present thirst waiting to be quenched. 

But there are some vampires who drink blood simply for the bouquet and taste.

An entire van of blood is stolen at gunpoint from a corporate blood drive in Connecticut, and the culprits are two vampires: the staunch Christian and carefree Evan. The two have orders from their masters to drive the blood cross-country, delivering it to Los Angeles for their High Council’s annual gala.

Joining them on their trip is Bart Peters, a simple man with a secret: when the moon is out, he transforms into a werewolf, an uncontrollable beast of rage. Bart’s job is to make sure the shipment of blood gets to Los Angeles; his paycheck depends on it, and nothing is going to easily get between him and his money.

Dogging their tracks is Father Matthew, a priest and agent of the Vatican. Father Matthew is tasked with the recovery of the stolen blood and the elimination of those who took it. Armed to the teeth with guns, silver knuckles, and wooden stakes, the holy man tracks the vampires across the country, intent on completing his mission.

Can Christian and Evan make the drive from Connecticut to Los Angeles, completing their task of getting the blood to their elders without killing each other first? Will Bart become more of a hassle than he’s worth? What role will Father Matthew play as he tracks the vampires on their westward journey across America?

Blood Drive is an action-comedy with a bloody twist, a fierce yet touching supernatural romp, traveling across the country with the unlikely foursome of the vampiric duo of Christian and Evan, their werewolf companion, and the Vatican-dispatched badass. Hop in and take the ride through one of the most wickedly satisfying adventures you’ll ever love to join. This novel has the most unexpected side trips ever to be taken on a cross-country journey, wrought with danger, enemies, obstacles, and lots of necks to bite. 

Blood Drive is Budgie Bigelow’s ninth book, bringing to life a version of America where vampires hide in the night, werewolves hunt under the light of the moon, and priests protect their flock from the dangers of the darkness with gun and stake. You’ll be guessing to the last page, where you’ll be loathing and fearing telling the dark and hunkering cast a melancholy goodbye.


Now available on Amazon for Kindle or the Kindle app:

Blood Drive 


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