Budgie’s Journal #96 – Blood Drive Gets a New Release Date

I meant to post this the other night after I finished my final edits and formatted. Blood Drive has a new release date of Tuesday 10/17!

If you’ve followed me here or on social media, you probably know I planned on releasing this a week ago; but I hit a few snags in the process, and the non-fiction world decided to block my path.

Mark your calendars for my most anticipated book yet.

Blood Drive – out 10/17 from Budgie Bigelow 
Available on Amazon for Kindle or the Kindle app.

I also want to thank Janet Davis a.k.a. KamaroPayne for stepping up and taking the time out to help me iron out some the issues I had with this book. It made a huge difference, and made this release stronger.

I’ll be releasing some Blood Drive goodies over the course of the next few days, including a preview, a trailer, and few surprises! Stay tuned, dearest readers.

-Budgie Bigelow

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