Budgie’s Journal #87 – Productivity is Low

This is not a drill, people. My productivity had dropped with so much on the line: Blood Drive, Freedom Lane, Dusk Volume 2, three WIPs. Hell, I haven’t even put out any decent blog posts or tweets lately.

This isn’t writer’s block. I have the ideas and the words at the ready. I just can’t seem to be motivated to do what I need to do.

Maybe it’s the changing of the season. Maybe it’s my relationship with myself being strained. Maybe it’s this new diet and exercise regime I put myself on. Maybe it’s a combination of all that stuff.

Last night I opened up I’m in Sci-fi Hell, and I belted out a couple thousand words, finishing a chapter and a half. And it felt good. I wrote a few paragraphs and dialogue this morning to cap off the current discussion the characters were having, and I didn’t want to stop. The next chapter will be action-packed, and those always end up on the page in a timely fashion. I’m antsy to get to it and hit fifty thousand words.

So I’m coming back, little by little. The day job still wants to suck the life out of me, but I refuse to go down without a fight. Too much is on the line. I have too much to say, too many stories to tell.

This is by no means the end.

Now I’ll read this back to pump myself up.

-Budgie Bigelow

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