Budgie’s Journal #86 – Splitting Books

Alright. I’m finally doing my post about turning “I’m in Sci-fi Hell” into two books. This story was originally going to be a regular-sized novel, then I decided on an epic-sized one. Eventually I had to come to terms that the sheer size of this thing warranting a second book.

There’s a reason for this. I’m not content torturing my protagonist with just one novel. Ray Samson is a Century City detective who lives in a world where all sci-fi tropes are possible, and all he wants is a regular life. But he finds himself on a case to find a mad scientist who may just end up destroying the planet with his experiments. Ray soon finds himself out of his jurisdiction and element as he’s shunted from one lead to the next, looking for the elusive Doctor Gromov.

Ray’s world consists of aliens, robots, androids, super heroes, wizards, dinosaurs, amazons, time travel, prison cities, and a ton more. And it’s my job as his creator and writer to make sure he’s adequately tortured by his travels and surroundings.

I’m still working on book one, which will probably end up around 75,000 words. I’ll jump right into the second part, I’m Still in Sci-fi Hell, the moment the last chapter is written.


-Budgie Bigelow

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